4th of July and Bday Week!

Since it’s my bday week, I decided to take the whole thing off work (my week would have ended Wednesday anyway so with the 4th and my bday I wouldn’t have been there much). This week has been beyond glorious. For the third year running I stayed at what is now “our” Sunriver house with a bunch of friends. The weather was amazing so we spent as much time as possible outside.

Beautiful Sunriver sky.

This involved a lot of tennis, bike rides, reading on the deck, BBQs, a hike and an afternoon devoted to floating the Deschutes River.

Lovebirds on the bridge.

We got back late Monday night, just in time to hear the fireworks from our window and watch our neurotic Weimaraner do laps around our 1 BR condo.

Lifting weights

Tuesday, the big 2-6 was perfect. Jake and I slept in a little bit before he had to head off to work. Our morning tradition is to eat breakfast (peanut butter and jelly toast for him, smoothies/oatmeal/eggs for me), drink coffee and read our Bibles together. Even when we only have 20 minutes for this ritual in the morning, it still sets our day off right. I caught up on my favorite blogs after that and watched an episode of Barefoot Contessa and Giada at Home. I love those ladies. If I could hang out with any celebrity it would HANDS DOWN be Giada De Laurentiis.

I hope to be this cute post-baby!

Jake came home early that afternoon so we could head to the Willamette River for a stand up paddle boarding excursion. Note: We did this for the first time in Maui on our honeymoon. I loved it…Jake not so much. Aside from having to carry those babies down to the River it was a great memory. Jake definitely got the hang of SUPing and even started to get fancy with his strokes. I think my balance was steady because I had the weakest paddle strokes ever. I kept thinking of day 1 of my raft-guide training when my instructor Neil kept yelling at me “NO LILY DIPPIN’ JULIET!” So I committed myself to strong strokes and eventually figured my life out. All in all we were out on the water for almost 3 hours. In spite of the boats it was quite peaceful and being on the water made the 85 degree day feel a lot more bearable. I probably looked like this most of the time

SUPing was followed by dinner at Casa Del Matador on NW23rd. I LOVE Mexican food and this place is a gourmet Portlandy version of traditional tex mex. Jake and I always share when we go out so we usually discuss our orders before hand. He got picante enchiladas – half chicken, half carne asada. I ordered steak tacos from the specials that had this incredibly spicy but delish mango jalapeno salsa. A beer for Jake and a Bartender’s Choice margarita later, we were stuffed.

Jake’s old roommate Eric (also an old college friend of mine…and Jake’s..but we didn’t know eachother) was sweet enough to throw together a last minute birthday celebration at his and Matt’s. We talked for awhile then enjoyed strawberry shortcake (my favorite!!) around the firepit in their back yard.

All in all it was a wonderful way to ring in the big 2-6.

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