07/06/11 Eats and Sweats (not sweets)

I recently got into reading blogs. It all started with food blogs like Joy the Baker and The Pioneer Woman and lately this has morphed into fitness and health blogs. Basically I can read about two of my passions in the same 10 minute window. Needless to say, from cooking to fitness I feel inspired all the time!

I planned a lovely salmon dinner for Jake and myself and coupled it with an intense but awesome workout. Dinner was wild Sockeye salmon from TJ’s seasoned with salt and pepper, grilled on a cedar plank with a side of this yummy mango habanero salsa from Costco (can you tell I like spicy?), couscous with chicken broth, pine nuts and herbes de provence, and grilled zucchini that had marinated in olive oil, kosher salt and fresh ground pepper while we were at the gym. Jake isn’t a huge fish guy and I forgot to remove the skin (oops) so he was a little grossed out. I kept hoping the flavor would invite him back for more. He loved the couscous and especially the zucchini so I consider it a success. Thankfully he has lunch plans so he doesn’t have to suffer through more fish at lunch tomorrow. MORE FOR ME!

OCD much?










For my workout today, I adapted a treadmill interval workout from Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers capped with a 10 minute warmup on the elliptical and a 5 minute cool down.

Mins                                    Incline                             Pace

0-4                                        7.5                                    4.0

4-9                                        1.0                                    6.5

9-13                                      7.5                                    4.0

13-18                                    1.0                                    6.5

18-20                                   2.0                                    6.5

20-21                                   1.0                                    7.5

21-23                                   4.0                                    3.7 (Recovery)

23-25                                   1.0                                    8.0

25-27                                   4.0                                    3.7 (Recovery)

27-29                                   1.0                                    8.0

29-31                                   4.0                                    3.7 (Recovery)

31-33                                   1.0                                    8.0

33-35                                   4.0                                    3.7 (Recovery)

35-42                                   1.0                                    7.0 (For mileage)

42-43                                   1.0                                    9.0

43-45                                   1.0                                    3.1 (Recovery)

For the intervals I was really focusing on my heart rate so I would return to the fat burn zone. I have no idea how accurate the treadmill heart rate monitor is but that’s what I used! After my sprints my BPM were around 185. I felt like I could sustain this longer but again, focusing on intervals here. After I minute I was down to 150 and it took another minute to get back to 130. I am thinking my recovery will improve as I progress with my intervals, it has never been an area that I have focused on!

My workout playlist is AWESOME by the way.  It’s a healthy mix of Bieber Fever, Britney, Chris Brown, Usher, etc and my cool down was to Jason Aldean feat Ludacris – Dirt Road Anthem and Future of Forestry – If you Find Her (I walked down the aisle to this song back in September!) 

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