The pizza recovery

Disclaimer: Pictures are pending : )

This weekend we had planned to go backpacking at Russell Lake (Mt Jefferson wilderness area) with Lisa and Eric. The weather report last weekend showed sun for the next seven days so we had anticipated beautiful weather on our trip. Tip from an Oregonian: never trust a completely sunny weather prediction, Oregon doesn’t care that it’s the middle of July. Needless to say, the weather started looking sketchy Friday afternoon so we made a last minute decision not to go Saturday morning.

Instead and in spite of the rain, the coast sounded appealing. The 4 of us left at the crack of 11:30 to Cannon Beach. It turned out to be a really lovely day! Henry swam in the ocean and jumped over the breaking waves. We walked down to Haystack Rock (Goonies) on the beach and back to our car through the town.

The night ended watching The Lincoln Lawyer over at Matt’s house….along with two Papa Murphy’s pizza and some roasted veggies to add some green. I had a major hankering for pizza so let’s just say I ate more than 1 serving. With pizza again for lunch the next day, I was feeling pretty blah, motivating me for gym time!

The nearest gym is literally across the train tracks from my place- you can’t not go when you live that close. I knew I wanted to do a Nike Training Club workout because I haven’t done much strength training in the last two weeks so I planned for a light cardio sesh before NTC. One thing led to another and I was on the cardio machines for over an hour!

It went as follows:

5 min at 8% incline 4.0 pace walk

4 min tabata [20 seconds on 8.0-10.0/10 sec rest x 8]

1 min at 0% incline 4.0 pace walk

30 min “Weight Loss Interval” Elliptical Level 7 while reading Oxygen

10 min “Fat Burn Interval” Stair Climber Level 7 while sweating my brains out

[[Ran into friend I haven’t seen in 2 years]]

Walked on the treadmill next to him at 4.0 for 13 mins while catching up.

I walked back up to our place, drank some water and got ready for NTC “Fit Zone” for 45 minutes while listening to the Podcast from last week’s sermon. Meanwhile, Jake came home from his workout and listened to the sermon while looking at houses on Redfin. I’ll have to do a separate post on Nike Training Club. I seriously LOVE doing the workouts and definitely the results I have seen. The app is free for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

It was really nice to finish off my workout while spending QT with Jake! I needed some major foam rolling for a recovery. Post shower I bolted a blueberry Chobani before running off to church.

Today I’m sore pretty much everywhere waist down. Burning buns but I feel better about life knowing that I balanced my pizza binge 🙂 .

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