Hump Day Happenings

Happy Wednesday! Today is my last work day of the week so I am feeling a little giddy. Monday after I made those delish Chicken Pesto Paninis I got to stretching while chatting with Jake. As I said, I had some burnin’ buns from the workout I did on Sunday so it felt good to do some self-directed yoga and stretching! Don’t worry, I was still SUPER sore even yesterday, you know the kind of sore where you grimace every time you sit down? Yeah. It was bad.

I heard about the Urban Running: Blogging Summit and the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon/Half Marathon via SkinnyRunner and I started to get excited. Vegas? Blog summit? Marathon/Half Marathon? Three new experiences in 2 days, I’m not sure if I can handle it. I periodically get inspired to run a marathon thanks to my dear friend Annalore but quickly decide marathoning isn’t for me. Half Marathons, however, are a race I can wrap my head around. Nevertheless, I started mapping out the Less is More Marathon Training Plan by Amby Burfoot just to see what it was like. My heart rate shot up just thinking about it and, no matter what I tried, I could not get to sleep before 12:30am. Ugh.

When my alarm went off at 6 then next morning so I could get to the gym, I was less than thrilled. I finally rolled (literally) out of bed at 6:30, got dressed, and walked to the gym for a super quick tricep workout that I will tell you about Friday! I sped back home to eat breakfast and get ready for the day. I had the (not-so-) brilliant idea of putting protein powder into my cooked oatmeal ala Overnight Oats and this breakfast fell flat as a pancake. Which is what I should have made instead. Live and learn I suppose!

(Photo Courtesy of

Got home from work around 7:30 to find this lovely note in the mail along with my new workout accessory! It’s the Sparkly Peacock BIC Band and I couldn’t wait to try it out. I suited up the dog and myself for a quick 3 mile run which turned into a slow 3 mile run. My running shape = subpar. Maybe I’ll stick to the half-marathon distance after all.

Here’s Hudson and me post-run! He was a tired boy and slept the rest of the night! I’ll tell you more about my workout gear Saturday including the details on this sweet running skirt. P.S. Apologies for the poor photo quality. I’ll be upgrading to our Nikon DSLR as soon as I relearn how to use it : ).


“Recovery” snacks were a strawberry Chobani and…… Oven S’mores. Protein and carbs : )

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