Georgia On My Mind

Last night I had my lovely friend, Georgia, over for dinner. She and I have been friends since ’08 when we became “PC”s or “Partners in Crime”. We met through mutual friends at church then found ourselves in the same discipleship group and on the same team for a mission trip to Mexico. It was there that our friendship took a turn toward friends-for-life status. A two day bus trip (each way), 2 weeks serving together, eating together, sleeping together, and an unforgettable day at Disneyland solidified our relationship. I started dating Jake a year later and life got busy for both of us. We stayed in contact via phone, texts, and church but we weren’t able to connect for some quality time until last night! Georgia has a beautiful heart for God and I could not believe I had spent so much time without my friend.

(A recap in photos)

Immediately after a BRUTAL 5:30am wakeup

Where we's a cement ping pong table.

The Mission, Carmen Serdan, Mexico

Wishing the donkey turned into a prince.

With our friend David before evening worship.

Just shoveling manure! NBD.

At the top of an amazing hike.

Cannon balls. We are REALLY cool.

California Screamin which we rode 1246 times.

Leprechaun kicks. Again, REALLY cool.

Honey I Shrunk the Audience with Amanda!

For dinner I made “Chicken Milanese with Tomato & Avocado Salad” from Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook, My Father’s Daughter. Georgia is gluten-free and I’m an airhead and forgot to buy panko so ours was unbreaded yet still delish. The flavors were super summery and fresh so we felt satisfied but not weighed down after dinner, leaving room for dessert!

Yummy dinner!!

Georgia brought over a juicy pineapple which she cut the “Filipino way” as taught by her uncle. We ate way too much of this while catching up some more.

The Filipino Way


Thanks for coming over, Georgia! I’m off to visit my dear dear friend, Hilary, and her BRAND NEW baby Everly Grace. Pictures to come, this time with the Nikon : ).

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