Old Friends and New Babies!

As promised, I have a couple pictures from my visit with Hilary and her sweet baby Everly Grace. As all babies are, she is a complete miracle and a joy to everyone in the family. Evie was totally worn out from sleeping and eating the past 6 days so she continued the trend and slept a good portion of the time I was there. In fact, I only heard her cry when Grandma Julie (who was like a second mom to me growing up) was trying to wake her up for a feeding. A girl’s gotta eat!

The Nikon takes better pictures than my iPhone...

Right after the little one ate, Hil passed her right back to me to hold and I saw these huge blue eyes looking back at me! So precious. Hilary and her husband, Jake, decided to do the cute, colored, cloth diaper thing. We were talking about how pretty she is and all of her cute clothes and Hilary exclaimed “I want her to be naked most of the time because the cloth diapers are the only thing that do her justice!” Seriously, these things are darling. If only I could get my Jake on board with this concept…

I wish I had taken pictures of Evie’s nursery because it is the cutest thing ever. Two words: birch mobile. Hilary and Jake are both amazing at crafts. Jake is a woodworker/cabinet maker and Hilary has always had an eye for design. She once turned her great grandma’s gaudy and outdated gold-painted chandelier into a beautiful shabby chic piece. She even re-wired the thing! Don’t you fret, I did some convincing for her to start her own blog to document her various projects. I will share with you as soon as it’s up!

And now for a little history lesson of my friendship with Hilary. We meet at the end of 8th grade when her mom drives a group of girls to cheerleading tryouts. Hilary and I make the squad and we get on a stunt team together.

I get into some trouble at the end of freshman year, decide it’s probably time for me to get some new friends, and God plops me into the lap of Hilary and her family. We continue to cheer together, she teaches me to snowboard, I start to go to church with her. Our stunt team dominates so we practice on her back yard a lot and teach my brother how to back base. I accept Christ at the end of my junior year. Hilary thinks she doesn’t want to cheer anymore but does it for my sake (thanks friend).

Our amazing Homecoming float that we made.

We don’t compete that year which left us a ton of time to stay up late having Settlers of Catan battles and bringing cookies/cookie dough over to the Wards. We got to Wildhorse Canyon together where I commit my life to Christ.

Western night. Lots of line/square dancing was involved.

Neither of us want to go to Oregon State but both of us end up there. We don’t live together but spend A LOT of time together when not in classes. Move in together/share a room/bed for a term sophomore year before I study abroad.

Our bed was lofted (Hil and her dad constructed it) so we had a couch in our tiny room!

She visits me in Spain (brings a block of Tillamook cheese like a true friend) and convinces me to come back to Oregon State instead of transferring to a school in San Diego.

At a beach in Marbella, Spain

Move in together again and share a room (bunkbeds this time), spend way too much time together for any healthy friendship. Live together again senior year with 4 other girls. Hang out often but go our separate ways too.

Kerry Park in Seattle, Washington

I move to Portland, she stays in Corvallis, meets Jake then gets married. Right before her wedding, I met my Jake and we got married a year later. Now she lives in Salem where my mom/brother are so I try to visit as often as I can! She knows me better than most people do. It’s so unique to have the sort of relationship where nothing is off limits because you’ve probably already shared something more private or more awkward. I don’t know what I would have done without her or her family in my life!

As promised, I will share my special tricep workout later today.. Stay tuned.

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  1. This was such a sweet surprise and quite the honor! It was really a blessing to spend the afternoon with you! I am so proud of your accomplishments and the glory you bring to our Lord with your life. I am looking forward to many more visits like the one we had yesterday. I love you!

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