Bingo Arms? No thank you!

Workout recap:

My energy has been at a low these last two days. I don’t feel sick or anything, just BLAH. When I got home from Salem last night I was STARVING so I snacked on pretzels and peanut butter then followed it up with a quesadilla. Not super healthy but quesadillas are sooo good. Definitely a comfort food for me. Anyway, 30 minutes on the couch turned into 3 hours. Gross. So I HAD to do something active. Enter: Nike Training Club.

Since I now have 1o pound weights and other equipment for an at-home mini gym, I didn’t have an excuse not to work out. I literally worked out in my living room, in my underwear, while watching So You Think You Can Dance. I know, I’m weird. Last night I did the Get Toned Advanced workout called “Super Fusion”. It lasted 45 minutes and was over before I knew it because there was only one rest for one minute at the very beginning of the workout. What?? All in all I was glad I did something, and those workouts always give results. Gotta love the convenience of Crossfit/NTC circuit workouts that you can do at home, on a track, or any where you have some space!

Today I did the awesome tricep workout again before 20 minutes of intervals on the treadmill. I was in a hurry so my warmup and cool down were rushed. I’ll include a sample warmup/cool down so you can be better than me :). That makes this workout 30 minutes! Did you know that adding incline and/or incorporating intervals into your walks and runs can nearly triple your calorie burn? 

Time                 Incline                     Pace

0-6                    5.0                            3.5-4.0

6-10                  0                               Tabata (20 seconds high intensity/10 seconds total rest x 8 rounds)**

** My high intensity was between 9.5mph and 10.0mph.

10-11                1.0                            4.0

11-17                1.0                            30 secs sprint/1:30 light jog x 3 rounds**

** Sprints were between 9.0mph and 9.5mph, jogs were at 6.0

17-25               1.0/6.0                   1 min run/1 min incline walk**

**Runs were between 7.0 and 8.0, walks at 4.0

25-30              5.0                           3.5-4.0

Onto the tricep workout!! I bought Oyxgen magazine at Costco last weekend to get some inspiration and I found this great article and sample workout for your triceps. Even the skinniest of girls can have a little extra tricep fat and it is definitely my most stubborn area. Let me tell you, I am already seeing the results of this in just one week! Robert Kennedy came up with the following workout employing the “pre-exhaust system”. Pre-exhaust is just that, you exhaust a particular muscle using one movement before pushing it into overtime with another. Kennedy suggests doing a single joint exercise first that isolates the target muscle, immediately followed by a multi-joint movement that involves the same muscle. Remember, don’t rest between the two movements as even a 20 second rest can result in an 80% rate of muscle recovery.

1. Triceps Pressdown (single joint) x 12 reps

2. Body weight dips on a flat bench (multi joint) x 15

Repeat 2-3 times.

3. Flat bench dumbbell extension (single joint) x 12

4. Close grip bench press (multi joint)  x 15

Repeat 2-3 times.

(Illustrations by Valeria Nova)

Good luck everyone! I’m off to my coed softball game. We’re in first right now and we’ve gotta hold our lead!

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