Farmer’s Market Finds

Beaverton Farmer’s Market, believe it or not, is one of the best farmer’s markets in the state! It is open Saturday mornings in the summer from 8-1:30pm and it showcases a range of vendors from Oregon and Southwest Washington. Every Saturday we are in town, we make sure to stop in to check the local produce. This week, I was hoping to bring home some asparagus and fresh fruit only to find that the asparagus is all gone for the season! BLAST. Oh well, I subbed asparagus as a dinner side with some beautiful zucchini and artichokes!

Italian Artichoke

I can’t wait to do something special with the ‘chokes. There was so much delicious fruit to choose from but I narrowed it to some abnormally giant apricots, Rainier cherries, and a pint of fresh raspberries. Yumm.

Mountain 'o Cherries

The Rainiers are the yellowish-reddish cherries and they were perfectly sweet. Jake tried one and liked it but when I asked if we should take some home he said, “Nah, cause I have to eat them slowly.” With some convincing that this should make him savor and appreciate the pitted beauties even more, we left with a pound or so.

Jake also picked out a ginormous bouquet of lilies for me for only $5! I’ll take an “after” picture when these are in full bloom. One bloom has already turned into 7 : ).

Here’s the full spread of Farmer’s Market goods – all for just $22!

What were your Farmer’s Market/grocery store finds this weekend?

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