I Got Dressed This Weekend!

First things first: Something to do and something to read!

Do: LIVE AUCTION for a fitblogger recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It’s a blogger-supported fundraiser for Susan. Check it out, bid on an item, or simply donate to the cause! There is some really good merchandise and even FOOD up for bidding.

Read: Jane E. Brody wrote this article for the New York Times and it was the most-emailed article on Sunday. It is entitled “Still counting calories? Your weight-loss plan may be outdated” with tips on what foods to avoid and what are beneficial to regularly incorporate into your diet, as well as a healthy balance between exercise and eating right.

Ask yourself these two questions to help you get started on a healthier, cleaner diet and set yourself for healthy weight loss: “What are my major carbohydrate sources? and “What kind of meat do I eat?” Over the past three years I have made major strides in cutting out white flour and potatoes by getting my carbs instead from whole grain bread, quinoa, wild rice, fruits and vegetables. I even sub whole wheat flour for all purpose in many of my baked goods because, more often than not, it actually improves the taste and allows more room for that extra cookie : ). Are you eating extra lean ground beef, chicken, fish, and pork or do you tend towards ham, sausage, and frozen hamburgers? READ THE LABELS and SPLURGE on leaner meat with fewer additives and buy wild caught fish, not the farmed stuff. I make sure the foods I buy have the fewest ingredients possible. One or two is best, 5ish at the MOST.

(Photo courtesy of http://www.healthydiet2.com)

(Photo courtesy of http://www.howtohealth.net)

Okay, off my soapbox. Onto something a little lighter : ). I got dressed this weekend. Kind of a big deal.

My uniform at work is boring and uninspiring: plain black pants and an ill-fitting button-down shirt with our logo on it. My work days are so long that I rarely put anything on but sweats or workout clothes afterwards and this trend can often run into the weekend too… Nicole, my former roommate, is my part-time stylist as well. It was always nice to have one less thing to worry about for a social event or date. The guess work was taken out of an outfit because she was brilliant and did it all. Plus, if I didn’t have it in my closet, she or Lisa did. Bygone are the days of multiple closets. Sigh. She has spent a considerable amount of time injecting staples into my wardrobe and giving me tips on a put-together look. I wish I could have her remotely select an outfit for me every day ala Cher in Clueless but, alas, one must grow up sometime.

Here are two outfits I wore this weekend:

Necklace - F21 (bday gift from Lisa, Nicole, Linds), Top - Target (bday gift from Sami and Brian), Shorts - J.Crew Outlet (purchased with bday gift card from Lisa, Linds, Nicole), Shoes - Ross ($10)

This was my outfit for Saturday afternoon! Sunny and 85 meant light shorts and sandals.

Necklace - F21 (bday gift from Lisa, Nicole, Linds), Cardigan - J.Crew Outlet, Tee - Michael Stars (free from Lisa), Jeans - J Brand (free from Linds), Shoes - BC from Vanilla in Bend

I wore this to visit Hilary and Everly on Thursday. It was overcast and threatened rain but stayed about 70 degrees.

I wear a lot of solids so these floral flats inject a good dose of pattern into any outfit!

You’ll notice Huddy in a lot of pictures. That’s because he gets nervous that you’re going to leave him behind so anytime you are getting dressed, he stands as close as he can to your legs so you don’t forget him. He’s a total nutjob but I love him.

More work for me! I’m off around 7:15 or so and we are having a special treat for dinner! Baja Fresh Dos Manos burrito (hold the sour cream). I am so excited to have dinner out of the way so I can go for a run when I get back! I’ve already done some pre-planning for tomorrow night’s dinner to make life a little easier after work again.

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