Thunder and Lightning at Night =

Henry in the bed in the morning. Once again, the trusty Oregon weather forecast had only happy suns in the future. I’ve lived in Oregon for 19 years now and I still had to ask Jake, “Is that rain?” as it came pouring down.

You see, I was so shocked at having been woken up by Huddy. When he wants something – food, potty break, attention – he paws at your arm/leg/whatever body part he can hit first (I have bruises to prove it). I awoke at 4:45 this morning to just such a paw followed almost immediately by a thunderous roar and a flash of light. Henry was beyond Nervous Boy. He needed security and he needed it fast. This led Jake and I to corral him in between us on the bed, going so far as to “swaddle” him in our coverlet that is a shield to Hud’s fur on our bedding. When he was finally settled, I heard the steady and strong drops on the window and balcony. “Is that rain?” My world felt upside down! All would have been well in the Spellmeyer household after that but, unfortunately, I kept waking up to Hudson’s paw in my face. Not ideal.

So my goal yesterday was to work out for an hour. Thirty minutes of NTC and 30 of cardio. It was so hot (85) that the thought of doing cardio anywhere without AC was misery. After Costco and a little date to Multnomah Village/Gabriel Park with Jake, I did another NTC at home! Again while watching TV : ). Earlier yesterday I did “Energy Blast” and last night I did “The Heartthrob” and, let me tell you, my heart was THROBBING. There were few breaks and it was a lot of cardio (mountain climbers, froggers, burpees, squat jumps). I felt like a champ and was definitely sweating like a beast at the end.

We had elk burgers for dinner and they were so juicy and good. I used Worcestershire Sauce, minced garlic, Johnny’s Seasoned Salt, and fresh ground pepper to flavor the burgers. Jake wanted me to put a chunk of cheese in the center of the burger because he saw it on Man vs. Food one time (such a good show) so there was an extra special surprise a few bites in : ).

Elk burgers! Note: I did not eat this open faced, I just wanted you to see the burger better.

Now for some photos!!

Jake could tell I was in major need of some QT this weekend so after our trip to the farmer’s market on Saturday, we went on a drive. Our original destination was the J.Crew outlet in Woodburn because I have gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. I had already done some smarter shopping at the online factory store (where they are offering an extra 40% off and free shipping until Tuesday) so I had a feeling it would be a bust. To make the trek down there worthwhile, we coordinated some other stops on the way home, including Champoeg Park and Jake’s parents’ house.

The Beautiful Willamette

Hudson LOVES to swim and on a hot day like Saturday, he really doesn’t last long out of the water. We took him down to the dock where people were fishing (ghetto, I know) and threw the ball in a little spot where nobody had a line in. He isn’t the sharpest of dogs and once, when he got his stick stuck on a line at another part of the Willamette, he treaded water for 5 minutes or so pushing against the line with his stick until some nice man set him free (the water was high and we were in jeans so we attempted diversion tactics before getting soaked).

Huddy figured out a good routine where he’d swim up to the dock to hand off his ball then push off with his hind legs to get an edge on the ball. It’s always a race to get to the ball and a slow jog back – in the water or out.

The drop off.

Pushing off!

There he goes!!

When he’s not a scaredy cat, he actually jumps pretty well off the dock. This was our first true action shot and it was a success. Great modeling Huddy Man!

So much focus on that little face. One last picture..

Serenely swimming.

We were seriously famished by the time we left the park so we headed straight to Sami and Brian’s for a BBQ. We enjoyed some grilled chicken, Sami’s special rice with veggies and herbs, and a fruit salad. It was a much needed no-brainer meal for us. Low blood sugar + us = disaster zone.

More pictures from our drive:

Mt. Hood!


Back to work for me! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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