Dos Manos? Yes, please. Soy lo que soy.

Last night, the Baja Dos Manos went down smooth. For some reason I was starving ALL DAY yesterday so I happily ate the full half of my burrito (which is equivalent to a whole burrito to any normal human standard). Jake tends to mosey during his meal while I typically don’t bother putting my food down for any reason but to eat something else. This is evidenced in the following pictures:

My plate.

Jake's plate. (He finished eventually, don't worry).

Who could resist this though, really.


Now for an update on the Words with Friends game… It was a sad sad day but Jake finished victorious. There was a point at which I was 80 points up and I could not hold onto the lead. I’m pretty sure Jake is undefeated but I am determined to beat him.

Final Score. He got Quite, Tics, QI, TA and Taxa all toward the very end. Whatever...

Wait a minute…I just checked again because I realize Jake got one more move for 10 points and the final score says 393 to 355. How did I LOSE points? Jake, are you reading this? I think they added my “Lei” to him. Watch it Words With Friends, I’m on to you…

Hey, do you remember my lilies? Look at those babies now!

Gorgeous. I love the way yellow flowers look with our big picture in the background (courtesy of Ikea..we thought it was very Oregon/Spellmeyer).

Stayed tuned for an outstanding recipe later on today!

Here’s a hint..

The goodies.

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