A Confession

Last night’s dinner was 50/50. 50% well-planned: 50% poorly planned. I had defrosted and marinated chicken in the fridge and Jake came home from work early enough to cook it up in the crockpot on high for 2 hours = BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches. He even got a little creative and added some spices…looked and tasted like Jamaican Jerk and Fennel? The only veggies I had in my fridge besides spinach were the artichokes I snagged from the farmer’s market. I had big plans for these guys and hoped to make them on a day when I wasn’t working 11 hours. Enter: improvisation.

I got home and Googled “How to Prepare an Artichoke”. Even though I had a pretty good idea, I wasn’t sure what cooking times were appropriate. The rug was pulled out from under me as I read these frightening words: boiling or steaming on the stove top can take up to 45 minutes. FORTY FIVE MINUTES?! I didn’t even get home til 7:30ish. There was no way I’d be waiting 45 minutes for my veggie to finish.


Note to self: do not commit to a weeknight veggie that requires a longer cook time than you are patient enough to wait for. I read further.. can be steamed in a microwave for 5 minutes but blah blah blah. I didn’t read on, I dove in. I makeshifted a microwave-safe steaming contraption (8×8 Pyrex and my silicone steamer thing), trimmed the ‘chokes, stuffed them with some thinly sliced garlic and drizzled some olive oil over the top. After 5 minutes I felt they need some more time so I put them in for 2 minutes, then 1, then 2 again…what’s that make? 2, 4, 9er, carry the 1 – 10! Yes, 10 minutes and they were looking steamy.

Meanwhile, I broiled some halved cherry tomatoes. I didn’t preheat my oven but it’s a Viking so it gets pretty hot. Probably took 5 minutes for these to cook up. And toasted a piece of Dave’s Killer Bread to make my own bread crumbs (remember, I forgot these at the store last week for my Chicken Milanese). I was too lazy to pull out my Cuisinart Food Processor so I just gave them a quick dice. Spreading out the artichoke leaves, I filled them with breadcrumbs, tomatoes and a sprinkle of salt. I didn’t end up dipping many pieces in my butter/olive oil mixture because the other seasonings did the trick. Success! It was a Christmas miracle. By the time we were done eating and the kitchen was mostly cleaned up it was 8:45! No bueno.

Confession: I haven’t worked out in two days besides Hope Solo’s 15 minute workout on NTC yesterday. Mondays and Tuesdays I work 11 hours and 99 times out of 100 I don’t workout those days unless I do it in the morning. With Huddy interrupting my sleep Monday I really needed some catch up Tuesday. I’m the slothful 9-hours-of-sleep-a-night type. I can’t help it…I even prayed for a few months my senior year of college that I could be one of those people who didn’t need a ton of sleep. No luck. I’m usually even cranky if I get as many as 7! I’ve been pretty hard on myself for not working out, which is really funny because I RARELY do these days. I think I just set somewhat unrealistic goals and my expectations were too high. Back on the wagon today though : ). I set my clothes out so it would take me 5 minutes to get out the door and did a version of Julie’s super tough treadmill workout. My hip flexors are feeeeling it.

Vomeros for running.

Time              Incline              Speed

0-5                 1.0                      3.5          (Waking up during this 5 minutes)

5-10               1.0                      7.0

10-11             5.0                      4.0

11-12             5.0                      6.5

12-13             6.0                      3.5

13-14             6.0                      6.3

14-15             7.0                      3.5

15-16             7.0                      6.1

16-17             8.0                      3.5

17-18            8.0                      5.9        (At this point I started counting down # intervals left)

18-19            9.0                      3.0

19-20            9.0                      5.7

20-21           10.0                    3.0

21-22           10.0                    5.5

22-23           11.0                    3.0

23-24           11.0                    5.3

24-25           12.0                    3.0

25-26           12.0                    5.1         (I didn’t even know the treadmill could get up this high)

26-27           13.0                    3.0

27-28           13.0                   4.9          (Just 2 intervals left!)

28-29           14.0                   3.0

29-30           14.0                   4.7

30-31           15.0                   3.0

31-32           15.0                   4.5

32-35           5.0                     3.5          (This last incline felt flat cause I had been climbing a mountain the past 30 minutes)


I staggered over to the stationary bike to do the hill setting for 20 minutes while checking twitter and reading blogs from my phone. I was starving for breakfast by the time I walked my sweaty self back home!

Breakfast this morning was my first ever attempt at Overnight Oats! Last night I put a half cup of Old Fashioned oatmeal, half cup of milk and a half scoop (1/2 serving) of chocolate whey protein powder in a bowl to sit overnight in the fridge. I was VERY impressed. I could barely tell there was protein powder in there and the mixture was just sweet enough to palate my whole bowl with some french-pressed coffee : ). Great start to the morning.

Mmm chocolatey overnight oats!

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