Words With Friends..almost as ruthless as the real WWF in the Spellmeyer household.

Another game update:

Yes this score is for real. Jake has been on fire so I’ve been cheating to try to catch up..I really think it’s a lost cause at this point. A rematch WILL happen, I refuse to throw in the proverbial WWF towel. My cheater words are kibla and zarf, his “non-cheating” words are readouts, daft and imino which was Jake’s attempt at spelling “amino” (he’s good with numbers), turns out it’s a word anyway.

Funny story: When Jake and I first met we would have ALL DAY text (BBM) conversations during work (oops). He was constantly spelling things wrong and using emoticons, two of my texting petpieves. I liked him so much I just convinced myself he really could spell but was in a hurry to send me a cute message…right…As for the emoticons, I just made fun of him.


BBQ pulled chicken salad (1st lunch) and an apricot with cottage cheese (2nd lunch)! Let’s be honest. First lunch was really just BBQ chicken and spinach heated up in the microwave. It was still delish and filling though! Mmm and a little spicy 🙂

BBQ Chicken/Spinach. Mmm

I usually eat my first lunch between 10:00 and 11:30 (depending on how big breakfast was) and second lunch between 1 and 2:30pm. Today, I had first lunch at 11:30. Those oats filled me up!

Tonight I am thrilled about some quasi-dinner plans with our dear friends the Isfelds. Kori had little Riley in March and she is already wearing 9 month clothes (mom and dad are both really tall)! Here she is a month ago at the pool:

Uncle Jake handed Riley her "Shake Weight"....

Aric and Jake have been friends since 5th grade and we love to do adventurous/outdoorsy things with them. I’m sure you will hear a lot more about these 3 in the future!

Cute smile 🙂

Have you gotten your work out in yet today?

There are tons of online resources for anything from 20 minute exercise sessions to strength training workouts without a gym and other fun summer activities that get your heart rate pumping. Let me know if you need any more inspiration : )

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