Radio Silence

I apologize for the radio silence over the weekend. No internet = no blogging! Friday morning after Bible study with Sara and Annalore, Jake, Matt, Henry and I took off to Devil’s Lake for the weekend. Most of our friends planned to arrive Friday evening but the three of us decided to leave a little early in order to fully savor the entire weekend. Matt had the brilliant idea to stop in McMinnville where he, Jake and a bunch of my other friends went to college. We ate at their favorite breakfast spot in town called Wild Wood Cafe then I got my first ever tour of the Linfield campus.

I was lucky enough to not have to choose which breakfast item to order as Jake required that I order the Wild Wood Toast.

My Toast

The Wild Wood Toast is their own version of French Toast. Each slice of bread is extremely thick and comes from their homemade sourdough – WOW. It’s then dipped in the eggy mixture and encrusted with a whole grain mix, oatmeal and…some other stuff. The slices were so thick, you really had to DOUSE each piece with syrup but it was well worth it to flavor the outer crunch and fluffy innards with syrupy goodness. Jake took his time to choose an omelet while Matt also ordered the toast, only he was bold and ordered the three-piece plate.

That omelet is not small.

The omelet was cooked to perfection and the potatoes you see were crisp and ketchup-ready. Yumskies! With the omelet came another slice of the sourdough that I topped with a thin layer of butter and a little bit of jam.  Matt started to slow down after he finished his second slice of French toast so Jake and I had to help him out.

That's a lotta toast.

In the end, our plates were wiped and practically licked clean (I would have done it if we weren’t in a public place). A++++. Everything was great down to the coffee!

Next stop was Linfield campus to walk off our brunch.

Matt pointing to the newly renovated business building.

They showed me the business building where Matt and Jake had most of their classes, I got to see the people fountain (I thought that was its official name, turns out it is so named by students because there are statues of people in it), the library, and the various halls or houses in which they lived. It was a blast to finally see where the guys played out their wildest antics from throwing a tennis ball into the library during finals for their dog to chase to a ginormous Slip and Slide on the lawn.

Huddy took a dip in the people fountain to cool off.

The stadium where a few of the guys played/competed.


Henry was rolling around in the grass!!


In front of the dorm the guys lived in freshman year. Also the spot where Jake came to know Jesus!

That’s all for now! I hope you all enjoy your morning. See you later this afternoon for more weekend pictures including some gnarly tubing shots. The guys left the weekend with some major war wounds!

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