Tubing: A man’s sport.

Friday night, the Devil’s Lake crew was hungry and we were without necessary supplies for dinner.

The Olson's Place. Gorgeous, no?

A couple of the guys had the brilliant idea to go to Mazatlan in nearby Lincoln City. We all agreed and were genuinely excited for our upcoming meal. Mexican food rarely disappoints and who doesn’t love bottomless chips and salsa? Our party of 8 was sat immediately which gave us the impression all would go our way for dinner. We each ordered our respective entrees (I am a sucker for fajitas so I ordered some to share with Cayly) and scarfed chips and salsa until our food arrived. By the time our sizzling platter was delivered to our table, we could not be more elated to take our first bite of Mexicany goodness. I eyed our fajitas suspiciously, noticing a saucier than normal sauce as the faint smell of BBQ sauce wafted into my nostrils. I stabbed a piece of chicken and a bell pepper without taking the time to form the fajita and I experienced an instant letdown – the fajitas were sweet and not the least bit spicy with an obviously unhealthy sauce poured over the top. Ick. We finished our food but the next 12 hours were spent in recovery mode. We all had a light breakfast and got our respective exercise in.

Fixin breakfast in the kitchen.

Jake and Matt eat peanut butter and jelly toast.

The guys tubed for hours and hours and the girls (all 3 of whom were bridesmaids in our wedding) went for a yog! Around 8am, Lindsey, Lisa, Cayly and myself departed on our yog. Although none of us timed it or had a GPS with us, I believe it was about 3 hilly miles that we walk/jog/sprinted depending on who you ask. Cayly just ran a half marathon last Sunday and did the Portland Marathon in 2009 so she and I challenged each other on sprints and hills. We swapped partners throughout and I took to nudging Lisa through the end of our run. She is far from a fan of this form of exercise but was a trooper and got a great workout in. Cayly and I did a mini circuit on the dock after our run and felt like going out again, this time I took my iPhone and used the Nike Plus app. It was fun to watch our pace go up or down throughout, we ended up doing 2 more hilly miles and I was STRUGGLING towards the end. It was everything I could do to keep my pace up. We finished with 9:05s which was our goal pace! It was definitely cathartic after eating that nasty Mexican food.

Pre jog minus Lisa who couldn't get it together long enough to take a picture.

Matt, Huddy, Jake and Evan ready to tube.

To compensate for our less-than-stellar dinner on Friday night, we ate a FEAST fit for kings on Saturday night. Chicken/steak/veggie burgers from the grill and a yummy potato salad, green salad and asparagus. For dessert we had a homemade store bought cheesecake from Trader Joe’s with a strawberry compote topping. We were celebrating some birthdays this weekend and cheesecake was the dessert of choice, conveniently eaten on National Cheesecake Day! I have to steal these pictures from Lindsey because my camera ran out of batteries. I’m dumb and forgot that the charger was in the case I had with me so I didn’t get any pictures the rest of weekend :(.

The boat!

Jake, Brandon, Matt chillin in the boat.

Action Shots:

The only way Jake managed to stay on his tube throughout most of these pictures was to bury his butt deep in the tube. I don’t blame him for this survival tactic, Jake had surgery on his shoulder a few years ago and already supplexed it once from tubing. It was really fun to watch these guys get so much entertainment out of their tube wars. Aside from Jake’s extremely focused face, we mostly saw smiles from them. Even Cayly was a trooper and went out there! I would have tubed myself but, as I said many times, tubing is a blast until you get hurt, and you always get hurt. It’s the only thing that will make you quit!

Sorry for the borage of posts but expect one more today. Hopefully you guys are using these posts to ease into your necessary mental acuity for the week : )!

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