It’s like my b-day all over again.

When I got home last night there was a surprise waiting for me.

My long awaited order from J.Crew outlet online (using my bday gift cards from my momma, Linds, Lisa, and Nicole)! Look what I got for $30:

Laughing as Huddy love nipped me.

Hoodie: $12. Thin like a long sleeve t-shirt but perfectly slouchy and long. Sooo soft.

Skirt: $17. Silk/Linen – Wrinkles come with every purchase! : ) Don’t worry, I”ll iron it before I wear it…or just toss it in the dryer for a few minutes.

P.S. This pictures were after a LONG work day so don’t judge the looks on my face/lack of effort in the hair/makeup department. Jake also refused to get off the couch to take these photos so the images don’t fit into my original vision. I was actually wearing my cute espadrilles with the skirt but they were blocked by the ottoman.


Jake ended up snacking on lots of things at work and my dear coworker bought some Haagen Daaz chocolate covered ice cream bars as a mid afternoon snack so neither of us were super hungry for dinner. We did need lunch items so I unwrapped the lasagna I told you about and baked it for 45 minutes.

While the oven was doing the work for me, I foam rolled my entire body then got a massage from Jake. I couldn’t help but groan as I was rolling and getting the massage. My whole back and legs were sooo tight. I woke up feeling much better this morning but decided to skip a workout anyway in exchange for stretching and yoga.

The nutrition facts on this lasagna were pretty impressive. A lot of saturated fat and sodium but with an otherwise balanced diet, I wasn’t too worried. Although it tasted pretty darn good, sadly the unhealthy lasagna I’ve had from Costco tastes better. I usually find the opposite to be true! So there are 7 servings and it cost around $10. This felt expensive but homemade lasagna can be expensive as well and laborious. It is a winter favorite for the Spellmeyers so I’ll have to test out a homemade version before I buy this again. Check out the ingredients list too! Don’t be alarmed by the weird stuff in parenthesis, those ingredients are found in the items individually as well. To make this “cleaner” you could definitely make your own noodles, sauce, and even ricotta but I felt comfortable with this pre-made meal.


To beef up our lunches, I sauteed some baby portabello mushrooms from Costco. Mushrooms are a new favorite vegetable and I couldn’t help but sneak a few bites from the pan while they were cooking. They also added some dimension to the lasagna, giving it the punch of flavor I was hoping for.

I’m usually a purist on food and think it tastes so good on it’s own but there is something about sauteed mushrooms that demand butter. Mid-saute I added a little bit in along with some kosher salt and pepper and didn’t second-guess my decision. So delightful! I can’t wait to eat these for lunch.

Here’s the finished lasagna!

I love that crispy cheese on top! Happy Tuesday friends!

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