Just Because

I guess I forgot to tell you about breakfast!

I checked the date on some items we had in our fridge and realized our milk was almost toast. I really do not like to waste food so I try to eat everything up before the expiration date, or use it after depending on the item. Jake was already doing his peanut butter and jelly toast thing so the lot fell on me to use some milk. I had a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios which surprisingly hit the spot and a fried egg white for protein. Cereal is rarely my breakfast item of choice because of it’s lacking staying power but with the egg white as a side, I was full for 3 hours!

I ate first lunch at 10:45am – Lasagna and yummy mushrooms. And second lunch is cottage cheese and blueberries : ).

We have a birthday dinner with friends tonight where we get to eat yummy pizza. I had plans to make some homemade pizza this week but I’ll have to push it to a later date – can’t wait to share the photos of the bubbly homemade crust!!

Just Because

Because I don’t have any pictures for this post and because the pictures make a blog, I’m going to include some random funny photos I have on our computer.

On a hike right after we got engaged.

Eating Rosemary Bread from TJ's

Scary face after leaving the wedding reception.

Housing Update:

A larger place in our building just opened up and the property management company has given us first dibs. It’s 2 stories and about 300 more square feet with 1.5 baths. It’s also closer to the place where we take Huddy out. The only downfall is — no balcony = no grilling. For just $50 more a month, the space and location are desirable, I’m just not sure if it’s worth it to not have a grill! The upside to the “outdoor space” that is basically 4 inches of cement with a metal fence, is we are more East-facing which means I could have a mini herb garden! Hmm…

Look at that beauty of a grill.

Question of the day:

If you were in our position, what would you do?

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