Ode to Wakeboarding

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My position during the tube wars.


My work out yesterday was a long run wakeboarding. We went out on the boat right after breakfast to get the glassy untainted water you can only find early in the morning and late at night. Wakeboarding is one of my all time favorite outdoor activities. I get such a rush from being out on the water, wind blowing in my face, music blasting – ahhh. Although I didn’t take any hard falls, just being out there absorbing the rollers and using my legs as springs has made me S-O-R-E. My back feels like I did 1000 cleans yesterday and my right quad and buns are tight.

Last night, in response to the Mexican food crisis of 2011, I made REAL fajitas at home with elk steak. YUM. I sauteed 2 red bell peppers (would have done a variety plus an onion but I didn’t have them so I improvised) over medium high heat in some olive oil, cumin, paprika, crushed red pepper, chile powder, fresh ground pepper and a little kosher salt. After removing these from the pan, I tossed the thinly sliced elk steak in with a little more olive oil and the same spices. For this meal, I always use my cast iron pan because it really traps in the layers upon layers of flavors. We only had 2 tortillas left so I had a fajita salad over spinach which turned out to be much more appetizing and satisfying that I anticipated– WIN!

Spinach, Tillamook Pepperjack cheese, Elk steak, Bell Peppers, Emerald Valley Medium Salsa, Emerald Valley 3 Bean Dip, and some lime juice!

Jake's plate

I didn’t start dinner until 5:15 or so which caused us to miss church. We have lately been called the “Sinmeyers” because we have been somewhat lax on our church going since….we’ve been married. OOOPS. We podcast often and read every day though! No judging!

Huddy was worn out from the weekend from swimming after the boat and ducks! He definitely fell asleep while begging.

During dinner we watched The Next Food Network Star. I think there are going to be two winners: Suzie and Jeff. Definitely Suzie, Jeff and Vic in the top 3! After that was over we continued our hunt for a new place to live. Thanks to Jake, we have made some good progress but still no for sures. We’re hoping to find a place that has a yard for the Hud Man and possibly some additional space without spending much more than we are now (cause we’re saving to buy a house!) in the Multnomah Village/Cedar Hills/West Lake type areas.

I fell asleep around 10:30? in my workout clothes to prepare for the week ahead and get a work out in this morning. Don’t worry, I didn’t put undue pressure on myself, it was more of a guideline than anything else.

This Morning

I, once again, rolled, out of bed this morning at 6:05. SUCCESS! My alarm started going off at 5:50 then Jake’s went off at 6:02am (he’s weird about 2s) which brings me to the best and worst part of my mornings: When Jake wakes up, even partially, he rolls over and spoons me. Amazing right? The bad part is a) it makes it 1000 times harder to get out of bed when I need to and b) it usually puts just enough pressure on my bladder to make me get out of bed for the bathroom. Sweet moment officially over.

I was still 75% asleep as I walked to the gym so my first step was to hop on the treadmill for an incline walk to decide what my workout was going to be today. I am LOVING the results I’m seeing from doing interval training but I want to keep my distances up for running so I can get back in shape. BUT I was a mental midget today which resulted in random but sweaty cardio sesh.

Time           Incline             Pace

0-5                5.0                      4.0

5-15              1.0                       30 seconds High Intensity (increase 8.5-9.3 in .2 increments): 1:30 Recover (6.0)

*At this point I thought about doing more intervals because ending at 9.3 bugged me but, again, mental midget.

15-20           5.0                       4.0

*Got annoyed that I didn’t even get to 2 miles with this workout so I thought I’d do a steady state 7.5mph run without incline for 10 minutes….Lasted 5

20-25          7.5                        0.0

25-30          4.0                        4.0

Then finished up with 20 minutes on the elliptical doing the Weight Loss program (which is more intervals). I was checking twitter and catching up on blogs during the first few minutes so when the elliptical kicked up to the incline I almost fell off. Did a quick check in the mirror to see if anyone was laughing then kept going. The last  5 minutes I read the last few chapters of Matthew from my cell phone! Gotta keep up on my reading plan : ). I love Annalore’s technique of memorizing Bible verses while on the treadmill by putting it on a sticky note. I really oughta try this one.

Breakfast was Chocolate Protein Overnight Oats with Almond Milk then I packed up our lunches – leftovers and healthy SNAX!

Jake on the left, me on the right!


Here are some funny pictures of Henry hunting ducks at Devil’s Lake.

Regal Boy

On the prowl.

So stealthy...

They're getting away!

I just have 2 more hours of work tonight then it’s home for dinner. I bought a healthy lasagna from Costco on Sunday that I’ll tell you about tomorrow. Although I love love love to cook, after my long days I really have zero energy most of the time. Enter: easy but healthy and clean meals that Jake can prepare! Win/Win.

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