Overeaters of America and a Good Message

Yup. I overate last night. It wasn’t so much the pizza that threw me over the edge…but the 3 (4?) chocolate chip cookies Courtney made that I couldn’t resist after dinner.

My meal started out like this:

Balanced right?

But my dressing selection was limited causing me to use solely olive oil and balsamic vinegar. At home, this could make a perfect dressing, here…not so much. I ate half my salad (but all of my cherry tomatoes! and I don’t even like tomatoes) and everything you see on the carby plate times 3. I was REALLY hungry yesterday.

I was genuinely hoping Jake just ordered a pizza for us to share plus leftovers because buffets + me = overeating. It’s a compulsion, I really can’t help it. Seriously though, I paid $7 for that! No way I’m not getting my munnies worth! Jake and I both overate and we both ate 3-4 cookies afterward. It wasn’t our best showing and we paid for it this morning. My stomach was grumbling LOUDLY the entire time I was brushing my teeth and washing my face, sounded like a war zone!

Girls table.

Linds, Court, Michelle, Lisa, Kels, and Haley were all there for the girls’ side.

Guys' table.

Bjorn (not pictured), Dan, Eric, Jake, Brandon, and, the birthday boy, Matt were all there to celebrate. Matt’s birthday is actually today – Happy Birthday if you’re reading! He actually shared the ol’ blog with his mom so Lucy, congratulations on raising an amazing son and man of God! Can you believe it has been 28 years?

Please notice Jake and Eric’s faces and the blurryness of Matt – he was pre-turn to smile at the picture. I snapped it just in time to catch a “candid” shot.

Something to Think About

Tina Haupert, a blogger at Carrots ‘N Cake and author, wrote an article for Health.com entitled, “How Do You Know When You’re at Your Feel Great Weight?” It really stuck out to me and has been something I’ve been thinking about and talking with my girlfriends about for the past week. For some, it can take being unhealthy on both ends of the scale before she finds her feel great weight. Others I know, believe or not, have tried many things to gain weight to get to their “feel great weight” before they realize genetics keep them from having the buns they so desire. Finally, some of us are still trying to figure out what that number or feeling is!

My dear friend, Sara, who blogs over at Glitter and Grace, is one of those girls who is genetically thinner than others. She went through a phase where she ate McDonald’s all the time and every time she thought about food she would get something to eat. This not only failed to add on some el-bees but it also made her feel kinda icky from putting bad stuff in her body. When Sara realized this wasn’t doing the trick, she switched to healthier, more fueling foods and upped her workout sessions! She started to incline walk more (to really engage the buns) and incorporates lunges into her strength training so her behind is targeted every time. Even though Sara is naturally thin, it is still important for her to workout to be at her “Feel Great Weight”.

I’m in the camp where I am still getting there. For the most part, I feel good at a 10-pound weight-range when I’m eating well and exercising occasionally but, since I have really kicked up my workout routine, I have been slowly losing weight and getting rid of the winter layer that lasted until August. I feel much better now than I did 2 pounds ago (sometimes even the tiniest differences make a huge impact) and I’m sure when my body evens out and stays steady with a good workout routine in tact, I’ll finally be at my “Feel Great Weight”. A goal that I feel is attainable and an incredibly important commitment to make at a young age!

I really loved every word Tina wrote in the article but she closed it with this, “I still enjoy eating healthy foods most of the time, but I don’t feel like I have to turn down dessert or cocktails when they come my way. All I know is that stressing out about what I am eating and how much I am exercising means I’m not at my FGW. When I feel healthy, happy, and energized, I know my body is too.”

I hope you read the article and I hope it encourages you to feel good in your own skin!

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