Resting with the Pup

Well last night I crashed on the couch shortly after 10pm then woke up refreshed at 7:45! I’d sure hope I would wake up refreshed after almost 10 hours of sleep : ). Jake went off to work and Huddy and I have been busy doing this:


The Princess and the Frog

But I did eat a healthy breakfast!!

Oatmeal Egg White Pancakes!

A repeat of this day off breakfast. My camera decided to focus on the syrup not the pancake so apologies for the blur.

I have a big workout planned for today and an even bigger lunch : ). Meanwhile, I’ll be getting ready for a trip involving this:


I’m going camping for the night with my family but will be back tomorrow in time for our D-League Coed Softball playoff game! It’s the big time.

Final Housing Update

No thanks to you and your lack of comments ; ), Jake and I have decided to move into the bigger place in our building. It will take them a few weeks to get it ready for us but I think this move will be one of my easiest to date! Gotta love that. Raise your hand if you think moving your closet is the hardest pair (hand raised)!

P.S. A shirtless guy is getting cuffed outside my window right now. Looks like he was caught by some bike cops. Rugged. Wonder what he was doing?

2 responses

  1. That is great Juliet! Does your place have 2BR places as well? If so, what are the rates?

    Have a blast camping! I won’t be in town this weekend for the Donkey game, but win so I can come cheer next weekend! Love you!

    • Hey! They do have 2 BRs that come available occasionally but none right now. I will keep an eye on them and let you know when one comes available! The pricing is kinda random because some of these are rented by owners and some are rented by a property management company. I’ve seen them rent for 1050-1300 I think : ). Downside is NO POOL! Easily a necessity in life.

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