We Chill On Sunday Part I

Just a throw back to the 90s with that Craig David hit. Thanks to Jake’s persistant love for slow jams, I have actually listened to full Craig David CDs semi-recently.


I left you guys last week on Thursday afternoon. I had big plans for a big workout and a big lunch. A last minute decision led me to a yoga class with intentions to do cardio afterward, but I just felt blah. Kinda the name of the game last week! Although my workout didn’t go as planned, I felt very good about the yoga class I took. As a past gymnast and cheerleader and present runner/exerciser, my muscles get really tight and it is especially important for me to stay loose!

My lunch was quite extraordinary, on the other hand. I scarfed it down so fast there were no pictures but it involved a pepperjack quesadilla on a healthy, low-carb tortilla that I am testing out with peppered turkey bacon and sauteed mushrooms on the side. It was healthy, balanced, and delightful.

That evening, Jake headed off to a BBQ with some friends while I drove over to Maupin, Oregon with my brother and mom for a rafting trip. We met my other brother there with his fiance and her little boy and had a great time catching up and hanging out. My brother, Nick, and I shared a 2-man tent which allowed me to tickle him and otherwise pester (it’s my job as little sister) but also get in some deep talks about life and family. Nick is exactly 3 years and 3 days older than me and over the years we have had to really rely on one another. For a couple years growing up while my mom was getting her masters in teaching and working full time, it was just us Monday through Friday. We, of course, had our fair share of fights but we also are so close as a result of this tough season. We slept without the fly on our tent and it was beyond glorious to go to sleep with a sky full of stars (shooting and non) above us. Oregon is a beautiful place!


We all woke up pretty early in spite of going to bed far too late. We hung around camp, ate breakfast and chatted while waiting for the rest of our rafting group to arrive. To kill some time I did a mini crossfit work out because I could do it all without equipment.

30 Burpees *These were supposed to be with a pushup but I could only do about half that way

25 V-ups *Kill the lower abs

20 Walking Lunges

15 Supermans

10 Clapping pushups (I just did regular here too..totally wussed out)

5 Squat Jumps

Repeat in reverse!

Rafting was a blast, sorry no pictures but the camera really wasn’t safe in the campground. Rafting is one of my favorite things to do ranking in the top of the charts along with wakeboarding and horseback riding. The water was a little high so the rapids weren’t quite as intense as they normally are but it was great to be out there with my family. Maybe even better that they weren’t as big considering it was my mom’s first time out there! She was stoked for our next rafting trip and wanted to be at the center of the action next time ;). Did you know I did raft guide training through Blue Sky Rafting on the upper Clackamas River just 2 years ago? There’s your factoid of the day!

We left Maupin around 1pm and I barely had time to unpack, shower, and eat before Jake and I left for our softball playoff game. We dominated 27-1 and we only played 5 innings! Following our total domination, a group of us went to Manzana in downtown Lake Oswego for happy hour and ran into Jeff (works with Jake), Amanda (his wife), Patrick (used to work with Jake), and Katie (his wife who currently works with Jake). Neither Jake nor I usually make much of an effort to build relationships outside of work with our colleagues but these guys are awesome. Amanda and Katie told me they read the blog (HI GUYS!) and they made me promise not to post pictures of them…I’ll sneak some next time we hang out though, don’t you worry.

While waiting for happy hour to start, Jake played Hide ‘n Seek with this adorable little girl. Forgive the iPhone pics!

Hiding behind the tiny little trees while she counted.

Don’t judge me for his socks and Birkenstocks statement. I tried to get him to change but he refused.

For happy hour Jake and I shared a chicken tostada and the pulled pork quesadilla.

FULL tostada


Flavorful quesadilla.

Our food was quite good and our server was amazing. She took our jokes and dished some back herself while providing excellent and knowledgable service. I wouldn’t have felt overly full from eating these two items but Dan’s mom brought snickerdoodles to the game and the Spellmeyers ate too many. To really throw us over the edge, we also went to UU Yogurt down the street from Manzana for some frozen yogurt. At first, I resisted, but once everyone came out with their yogurt cups I had to go in for small serving. I was OVERLY full then and ready for a good night’s sleep!

Stay tuned for Part II of “We Chill on Sunday” later this afternoon!

2 responses

  1. You’re welcome for the workout 😉 Killer hey!?
    Ps. Jake is adorable with that little girl. You’ve got a keeper…but we knew that.

    • He sure is great with kids isn’t he : ) you should have seen him with little Riley!

      Re: the workout – it was great but I really need to do it again without wussing out. I’ll let you know how it goes : ) Batting cages this week? I’ll call you later on this week!

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