Role Reversal

Tuesdays are decidedly the most difficult day for me to wake up early. As if the bets weren’t hedged against me already with today being Tuesday, I also woke up with the stiffest CALF muscle this morning. CALF! Who ever has sore calves? I do, I guess. In spite of gymnastics, cheerleading, weight training and/or running since I was 9 years old, my calf muscles have never really developed into anything worth speaking of. They are just….wussy. About 5 minutes into my workout yesterday I could feel it tensing up but refused to stop because, again, who ever has sore calves?!

Moving on, the past few mornings where I’ve woken up early to work out, Jake promises he’ll get up with me  but really he just sleeps in. Yesterday, to my surprise, he was still asleep when I got home from the gym! Today, on the other hand, Jake was the motivated one to work out. We awoke around the same time but with a crampy calf and feeling sleepy, I laid in bed and read a blog or two before finishing dishes and getting the coffee ready. Normally Jake is the designated coffee-preparer (I don’t make it right) so it was a DOUBLE role reversal this morning. I’m sure we will be back on track tomorrow ;).


I have some highlights from my lunches yesterday, then I’ll tell you about DINNER!

For first lunch I ate blueberries and Rainier cherries (from the Farmer’s Market) mixed into my new Fage Greek yogurt with a tiny bit of honey. I decided to get the Fage in addition to the Chobani from Costco this time because I always feel wasteful with the individual Chobani cups AND I like to have control over what goes into my yogurt. There was a sample of the Fage + honey at Costco and it was sooo creamy, smooth and surprisingly tasty even without the honey. It sealed the deal on purchasing the plain kind. If you’d like to try Fage Total, they are offering a $2 off coupon from the website! I just submitted the form to have a coupon mailed to me : ).

For second lunch I had a salad combo. I used spinach leaves as the base, then topped them with some leftover quinoa salad (lime juice dressing), leftover chicken (honey balsamic marinade), and leftover feta cheese (pesto dressing). I couldn’t decide what kind of dressing to mix in the salad since there was such an odd combination of flavors. Petrified at the decision, I left home without any dressing at all and voile! The flavors blended perfectly and I ended up with a rich and delicious salad…and I don’t even LIKE salads!

Salad Combo

Now onto my 15 minute weeknight meal. I had defrosted organic, free range, GMO and hormone free, etc etc chicken that I paid twice as much for. UGH. Being responsible is so EXPENSIVE! gave me the idea to make a dijon mustard dressing to mix with green beans (which I had already picked up from the Farmer’s Market), new potatoes, and shrimp. Jake isn’t very into seafood and I think shrimp are tasty but sometimes gross me out (bottom feeders) and I’m off potatoes lately so I made up my own rendition of the recipe.

First, I seasoned the chicken with some salt and fresh ground pepper as well as a drizzle of olive oil. I had pre-trimmed the green beans on Sunday to save time during the week so, while Jake grilled up the chicken, I boiled some water and a dash of chicken broth for some whole wheat penne pasta from Trader Joe’s.

Love the grill marks.

Next on the agenda was to whip up a dressing. I used a tablespoon of whole grain dijon, a tablespoon of regular dijon, a teaspoon of sweet and spicy dijon from TJ’s, a dash of white wine vinegar (I don’t really know how to use this) and about a tablespoon of olive oil. After whisking this up, it tasted too bitey. I put my thinking cap on and thought a little sweet would counteract the bitter, in went a teaspoon of honey. Perfection! Once the dressing was done, I heated up a stainless steel pan with which to saute the green beans with, of course, salt, pepper, drizzle of olive oil, and a splash of chicken broth because I was feeling creative.

I tossed everything in a big bowl for Jake and I to eat straight from. We’re classy, I know. Mid-meal, I suggested some crushed red pepper since we are crazy about spice and Jake agreed.

Chicken, green beans, and penne!

For dessert, we enjoyed a few scoops of a limited edition Tillamook Ice Cream Flavor, “Udderly Peanutbutterly”

Yes please!

Tillamook Ice Cream is by far my favorite…especially their Udderly Chocolate (which my brother and I fondly call “Utterly Delicious” it’s that good). Since this was a featured flavor and on sale at New Season’s, I went out on a limb and it did not disappoint! Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter swirls (for protein) and peanut butter filled chocolate cows, OH MY! With a drizzle of chocolate syrup, my dessert was complete.

We finished watching The Last Airbender, the worst movie ever made, during dinner/dessert then I went to be at 9pm like a grandma to read my new book!

Back to work for me. I only have 14 hours left at my current job!! YESSS. I can’t wait to give you more info on my next job. First things first though : ).

2 responses

  1. Haha that really is the WORST movie ever! Darwin started to watch it once and I left after 5 min and did something else the entire time of the movie. Yay for reading instead! That’s next on my list after the book I’m reading now. And sooo exciting about the end of your job being so near! Wooo hoooo!!! (longest comment ever, sorry)

    • It’s funny cause we were oddly captivated by it. I think it’s the fantasy nerd in both of us. The acting was just sub-par! Did you hear there’s a sequel too? Note to self: don’t bother.

      Comments are really fun, long OR short : ) HINT HINT to everyone else!

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