Nike Training Club

Before I exploit the wonders of Nike Training Club, I have two exciting things to share with you all.

1) Today is my LAST DAY at my current job. Wow. It’s surreal but thrilling at the same time. Did I mention I’ve been here for 20 months?! That’s the longest I have had any job (besides nannying in college)!

2) I got invited to run HOOD TO COAST this year because a girl on my friends’ team got injured. Hello, runner’s dream! I’m thankful the legs I am assigned to are not too tough. The first is a 7 miler with a slight downgrade, next is a 4 mile that’s flat, last is a 4 mile that has slightly rolling hills but nothing too extreme. I’m not sure I’m really in shape enough to do this relay but I’m going to really focus on running and yoga for the next 2 weeks to get ready. For those of you who don’t know, Hood to Coast is the longest relay race in North America stretching 197 miles! It is also a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Entrance to the race is extremely competitive, you have to sign up almost a year before the actual event!

Okay back on task.

A little background first: After college my primary form of exercise was running. I ran a lot and loved it! I wasn’t a member at a gym and didn’t have weights at home so I rarely did strength training aside from pushups and situps. Crossfit was introduced to me about 3 years ago by my friend Cayly via Dan who is a Crossfit fiend…he will be doing a guest post in the coming weeks on just such a topic! Cayly developed these lean mean legs and a gnarly 6-pack and I wanted in. I mixed Crossfit with running and sometimes did Crossfit alone, loving the short workouts and home access.

Flash forward to 3 months ago when NTC was released. Their slogan is “Your personal trainer anytime, anywhere.” And it’s true, I’ve done NTC at the gym, in my living room, at a park, and at a hotel gym. The app was inspired by world class athletes and developed by Nike personal trainer, Marie Purvis. (Find her on Twitter @NikeGetFit if you want tips on health and fitness.) Similar to Crossfit, NTC focuses on plyometrics, interval training and core strengthening so you are building strength while keeping your heart rate up = increased calorie burn. Who doesn’t love that? Most of the exercises require just your body weight or dumbbells.

Do you recognize one of the model demonstrators? Yup, that’s my dear friend Kori! One of the other girls is a decathlete and another is a professional backup dancer, Hilary’s dream job! The 4 demonstrators all have different body types so you don’t compare yourself to the skinniest girls in America. These women are strong and it shows, something all women should strive for!


If you haven’t done this sort of workout before, you will be sore. You will. Accept it, stretch, and get back at it! The moves target areas that you wouldn’t guess, I’ll do a workout that I think is mostly arms and my butt is sore the next day! I love combo moves. I started seeing results in about 2 weeks. Maybe even less? The areas I have noticed it especially are my outer quads just above the knee, biceps (I’ve been flexing for everyone cause I’m so excited about this one), and the “saddlebag” area just under the butt. That is the place I check first when I start a new workout routine. Nobody wants a saggy saddlebag! NTC is my primary strength training although I will incorporate Crossfit on occasion and have been strongly considering BodyPump classes. To get the best results, you should keep your body guessing and change things up! I do a different NTC routine every time and mix up Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Strong workouts while tossing in a random Crossfit or other strength training routine in the middle.

Walkin off the saddle bags.

[[Thank you, Jake, for taking the above picture. Hot.]]

Is this inappropriate?


This app is free on the iPhone, iPad, or iTouch, which I know eliminates some of you. If you ever want a workout, I could send you the exercises, just ask!


Do you have any specific questions regarding NTC, how it’s helped me, differences between NTC and crossfit or other strength training workouts, etc?

2 responses

  1. Hey there, I love NTC and saw this post on facebook and just had to read it. I just moved to Michigan and where I live it’s SO humid I haven’t been able to run as much without fear of heatstroke, and there isn’t a good gym that I’ve found yet. SO I got p90x, and really love that. The only problem is that some days I just don’t have the time for a 1 to 1.5 hour workout and need something a tad shorter….enter NTC! I love it for that. Between these two at home programs I’ve seen really good results. What is crossfit? Sounds interesting.

    long lost fellow OSU Alum, JoDell

    • Hey JoDell!! So happy you found my blog : ) Haven’t seen you in AGES but I hope you are well. Glad you are into strength training/cardio. P90X produces really good results but most of the time I’m bored 30 minutes in. I definitely need something shorter to keep it up. Have you ever done Beach Body’s Insanity workouts? They are a little shorter and involve more cardio but you still get great results…At least that’s what I’ve heard. I’ve never really done either : ).

      To answer your question about Crossfit…umm…google it? Just kidding. Crossfit has totally been sweeping the nation and I am excited for my friend Dan to elaborate more on it. It’s strength training that can be circuit style or focusing on increased load or on more rounds in less time. You can go to for WODs and other info or has modifications that are more realistic for most women, pregnant or otherwise.

      I hope you enjoy Michigan! I have family in Detroit and Port Huron.

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