Why I have been MIA

Well the past few days have been a little on the crazy side!

The New Job

Back in June I interviewed for 2 positions. One offered me a position right away with a start date of August 15th. The other I had a second interview for but not until August 10th. No matter which position I took, I knew my last day at my previous job would be the 10th since my weeks ended on Wednesday. The position I knew I had was a medical assistant position, essentially the same responsibilities I had before only in a different clinical setting. While I enjoyed this position, it was not quite challenging enough and I was interested in a change. The role I interviewed for on the 10th was a nanny position for 2 (soon to be 3) kids. I was really hoping to get offered the nanny job for a variety of reasons.

1) I love kids and hanging out with them rarely feels like work.

2) I was excited to have the opportunity to poor into the kids and the parents.

3) Nannying is different every day. New challenges and new adventures!

4) I was tired of working for “the man” and was excited for some flexibility slash the opportunity to be my own boss… in a sense.

5) Half days on Fridays and flexibility to have the full day off!

There are more reasons than just those 5 but I can share them as we go because… I GOT THE JOB!!

The mom called me at 7:30 Wednesday evening to let me know they selected me to be their nanny! Yessssss. I worked a few hours on Thursday and Friday but today is my first full day with the kids. Can’t wait to tell you about it tomorrow!

Gonna Make You Sweat

Wednesday after my interview I read more of The Help then went on a 2 mile run outside, finishing 3 miles on the treadmill doing intervals.

Thursday AM before work I did Fitnessista’s Sweaty August Cardio Workout (+10 more minutes on the treadmill) with some modifications at the “run” speed. Boy was it sweaty. The hill runs were killer and I really had to focus so as not to CHEAT my times : ) Anyone else tempted to do that on the treadmill??

Friday I think I did another 4 miles? I can’t remember anymore but I DO remember eating a lot this weekend and slacking on the workout front. Ooops..more on that later.

Wednesday Night

Jake and I had plans to go out to dinner to celebrate my last day of work and HOPEFULLY to celebrate getting the nanny job :). I got the call right before we left for dinner so it was quite a treat.

We cruised to Bridgeport Village to eat at Agave Grill. They greeted us with some excellent salsa and house made chips.

I selected the Pescado Carbon subbing more shrimp for the calamari (not into the calamari texture). It was perfectly spiced and I would have eaten the entire plate but I gorged on chips and salsa before our meals came out. Oops. The mahi mahi in the center was my favorite  with the mango salsa on top.



Jake ordered the tacos, 1 pork, 2 chicken. He cleaned his plate (with some help from me of course).

There is more to tell but the hotel internet (the family is staying in an extended stay hotel until they can move into their house) is PAINFULLY slow. Plus the kiddos need some motivation to finish their breakfasts before we head off to the park!

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