My New Kids

Eyeing the fountain.

The kids are so fun. We have spent A LOT of time at the park and we also got to play with Henry Boy yesterday. They loved him and want to visit him more.

I love the exposure and saturation on this photo. My dear friend, Lindsey, loves photography and she reads blogs more for the photos than anything else. I typically don’t have the patience to edit but I decided to play around with this picture since I could not not post this AMAZING hair do.

Working It Out

After a 4 day hiatus, I made a major commitment to the gym this morning. It took a couple snoozes to finally wake up enough to roll out of bed but I did it! I’m a bad girl and usually check twitter first thing. Jake got me in the habit and it’s a good? way to ease into the morning. Umm…maybe I should reevaluate that one. Anyway, I loved seeing a tweet from Sara @ GlitterandGrace.Com asking for “twitter accountability” for her early morning gym date. I texted her right away – knowing someone else made a sacrifice  to hit the gym first thing gave me that extra burst to make my workout a good one.

Hood to Coast is in 9 short days!! I have a lot of training to catch up on. I set out to run 6 miles and I only had 55 minutes so I had to be speedy. Even though a walking warmup would slow me down, I need some time to adjust and warmup my muscles so I walked on the treadmill for 2 minutes at 4.0 pace and 5.0 incline. Then I was off running!!

4 minutes at 6.0, 2 minutes at 8.0 all at a 1.0 incline — REPEAT! I repeated this until I hit 30 minutes then I turned my 8.0 bursts into 2:30. At 40 minutes they went up to 3 minutes! Like I said, I was determined to run 6 miles and that meant I couldn’t lolly gag. I finished it in 54 minutes which gets me to about an 8:40 pace if you don’t count the 2 minute walk. Which I don’t :). My goal pace for my long leg (since I’m out of shape) is 9 minute miles so I should be faster than that next Friday. YESSS.

Some Eats

I made a quick and easy weeknight dinner on Monday using some store bought gnocchi. Gnocchi (potato dumplings that you cook like pasta) is one of my FAVORITE things and I plan to make some homemade sweet potato gnocchi this fall (recipe to come for sure). I mixed the cooked gnocchi with sauteed onions and mushrooms as well as fresh spinach and halved cherry tomatoes. Gouda and fresh mozzarella were cubed then tossed in to the warm mix to create a creaminess and add flavor then this dish was finished off with a basil chiffonade.

Jake and I both ate from the bowl and finished it off for lunch the next day. Mmm mmm good.

Another good eat I want to tell you about is Fitnessista’s “protein fluff” which I mixed up for Jake and myself to dip apples and strawberries into. Although I forgot the cinnamon from the original list of ingredients, it was still quite tasty. A rough estimate would be:

2 T peanut butter (we have crunchy right now)

1/2 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder (I have Designer Whey from TJ’s)

1/8-1/4 C almond milk (I use unsweetened vanilla)

Once it is whisked up, it’s ready to be used as a dip! It was definitely Jake approved so I plan to make it again, maybe even today?!


We start our move tonight after work! We are sooo sooo excited to have such a big space! Since we are just moving downstairs, we wanted to “borrow” a cart like they have at Costco to roll our stuff down the hall way. While I didn’t think this was a realistic option, (hello those things are heavy and huge!) a Target shopping cart turned up in our parking lot!

I’ve never felt more ghetto than when I rolled that cart up to our place this morning : ). I’ll be sure to photograph this moving contraption.

Talk to you all later!

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  1. So glad you texted me and made it to the gym yourself! Your workout sounds better than mine 🙂 That dinner sounds amazing, I can’t wait for the recipe (or for you to make it for me sometime). And I’m excited about your new place, this time I want to see it for reals!

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