Shopping Cart Speed Work




Shopping Cart Speed Work

I arrived home last night with my shopping cart awaiting some heavy duty hauling. This is one of 3 photos I took of my trips to our new place. Each time, the cart was stuffed to the brim and beyond with STUFF. We are involved in so many sports and activities, it’s unbelievable. Can’t wait until we have a garage to truly organize all of our business.

Every trip down and back I sprinted through the hallways, doing some “speed work” : ). I had the silliest grin on my face the entire time because I felt like such a goof!

Dinner in my Belly

I made some pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches last night with BBQ sauce, hot sauce, pineapple and black beans. On the side, I baked some frozen sweet potato fries from TJ’s. The bag said “Servings per container: 5” which was completely unrealistic. I made the entire bag and ate half of it….oops? With ketchup and sweet and spicy mustard. I also broiled the fries so they got a little crispier after baking for 20 minutes. They could have crisped up better had I actually let my oven preheat but who knows?

Something New

I am a proud new member to a ritzy athletic club in Portland! The family I am nannying for got a membership and added me on as their third child so they didn’t have to pay extra for me (cause I’ll be bringing the kids most of the time) – according to them, I’m 22 :). The great part about this is our normal club will be closed for a remodel in a few months, giving me another place to go get my workout on. Plus, they have a better selection of classes and WAY WAY nicer equipment than our current gym. SWEET!

Just a short post for today! Back to work!













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  1. Fawn I love your random little posts! It’s so awesome that you moved with a shopping cart…it actually seems like it would be very useful. I needed to let you know that tjs spf are even more amazing bbqd! Before you move and get rid of your bbq you must try it…make a little foil tray and fold up the edges, spray it with olive oil and let them cook til they look done (you will need to move them around a bit). amazing I tell ya! Speaking of amazing I’ve made you quinoa salad a few times and it’s sooo good! Also, when I nannied I went to the mac club a few times…the kids loved watching the gymnastics practices! Anyways I’m no longer a blog stalker. Yay!

    • Thanks for the tip Becca! Do you control your serving size orrrrr do you eat half a bag like me? : ) Potatoes – they are dangerous. I’m glad you’ve tried the quinoa salad! It is seriously so good and fun to modify according to what you have in the fridge/pantry.

      Are you allowed to watch gymnastics at the MAC club if you aren’t a member? I really want to go to their adult gymnastics class : )

    • Seriously. Lucky me!! I love that you comment on my blog all the time. Isn’t blogging a WAYYYY better way to keep up than facebook? You better keep yours up when you move : (.

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