Softball and Weekender Eats

There we were, West Lake Park 8pm, suited up in our blacks and cleats, ready to face our challengers. Landmark Mortgage was the team to beat this year, our first game of the season was against them and we won by a narrow margin (1 run). We swapped places with a short team (half of us were at Devil’s Lake already and missed the game, ooooops) and lost by 1. Both teams were crowned Co-League Champions and the Donkeys were not the #1 seed going into the playoffs for the first time in 3 seasons (technically we were the Penguins the first year, but who’s counting?).

Quarterfinals resulted in an easy victory and our semi-final game was our easiest win all year as the other team forfeited before we even stepped on the field. While we should have been well-rested for the ‘ship, the Donkeys performed less than perfectly. Jess Buhler noted that almost every person on the team had an error this game (I didn’t actually touch the ball the entire time but my at-bats were poor at best). Call it performance anxiety, call it rust, the moral of the story is— We sucked. We stayed neck-in-neck the whole game until the bottom of the 5th when Landmark pulled ahead by 3 runs. We gained one in the 6th but it wasn’t enough to regain the lead.

[[No pictures were taken because the game was too intense for me to allow such a distraction. Cayly took some and they should be up on facebook soon!]]

In spite of our disappointment and the sick stomachs of some of the more competitive on our team, we had an enjoyable Friday night to say the least. Our fans were incredible and rallied for the final game of the season which led to quality conversations at the field, followed by a great happy hour at Oswego Grill. The food and fellowship were unbeatable. I may have even convinced a few to start their own team next year!

The crew.

"I'm not that hungry..."

[[For the record, I only ate half of each of those three dishes I was triple fisting.]]

Classic. Dan, Lisa, Eric.

Homemade Eats

The two most notable eats of the weekend were both from Friday. For breakfast I had a bagel sandwich with spinach, a fried egg, and a garlic and herb Laughing Cow Light cheese spread on both sides of a Thomas’ Everything Bagel Thin. That was a mouthful. I splurged on the bagel thins at Costco last weekend to “explore” a new carb. I LOVE bagels but refrain from buying them because the carb count is so heavy and I am incapable of eating just a half! These babies toast up nicely and set you back just 110 energy-filled calories. I’ll take it!

My late lunch/pre dinner was also constructed on a new carb base. This meal was centered on a TJ’s lavash bread thing which is basically a flat, pocketless pita.

What started out like this:

Toasted up on high heat.

Turned into this:

Pepperjack, turkey bacon, black beans, spinach, salsa.

And ended like this:

Licked clean.

I am looking forward to round 2 of these meals!

Sorry for getting this out so late, it’s technically still the weekend though, right? This weekend was a busy one and I’ll tell you alll about it tomorrow and include my latest workouts!! Know this: my legs are tiiiirrreed.

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