Carpe Diem Oregon Summers


Saturday evening Jake and I headed off to a wedding at Oswego Hills Winery.

We were there to celebrate one of Jake’s old high school friends who we really don’t see enough. The venue was the perfect place for a country style wedding and the details fit the bill down to the plentiful pies for dessert! The bride wore a gorgeous lace gown and flowers home grown by the groom’s grandmother were used as the centerpieces. Sunflowers were a big part of the decor as well including an adorable fedora with a sunflower in it for the ring bearer to wear. He removed it immediately after the ceremony so there was no chance to get a pic.

Nice shadow, eh?? It was the hottest day of the year in Portland so we were all struggling to stay cool. Thankfully, there was a pleasant breeze blowing through the hills.

We were at the wedding from 4-8:30 and were excited to cruise home for some tv time together. Lucky for me, the women’s gymnastics Visa Classic was on!! We both love to watch women’s gymnastics and hope to get to see an event at the 2012 Olympics in London!


Sunday morning after a workout, a group of us met up to drive to a natural swimming hole East of Salem. I was pretty tired after the wedding and a part of me wanted to stay home on Sunday but you really have to Carpe Diem Oregon summers. Our summers are so short and so mild (the latter I love) making it critical to take advantage of every sunny day we get!

The swimming spot we went to is called Three Pools on the Santiam River. It was pristine save for a few random beer cans and bottles scattered around (white trash, no?). The last time I was at this particular spot was summer 2004! It had been far too long. We climbed and hiked up the river a bit before picking a spot to land at. A few of us “cliff jumped” slash jumped off rocks 8-25? feet high. Eric was the only one who went off the really high rock, purely because there was a crowd of people there once we settled in. Eric, Matt and Dan went down a natural slide with a really strong current pulling them downstream (but not under, it was very safe). I wish I had photos so you could see how clear and beautiful the water was. Cameras were unsafe for 2 reasons: theft and water.


I made some good progress on training this past week to increase my distance again. It’s crazy because 6-7 miles was no problem for me at one time, now my legs legitimately feel tired after that long of a run!

On Friday, I ran to and from the batting cages where I met Cayly. The runs totaled about 7 miles in 80 some degree heat! I am really hoping this coming Friday is cooler for the sake of H2C.

I was feeling relatively unmotivated on Saturday to do much of anything, plus my legs were recovering from the day before – long run and softball! It felt good to do some hills on the bike for about 20 minutes. I was about to move to the treadmill for a mile or two but Jake came down totally exhausted from his workout so it was time to go.

Sunday before we left for the hike, I hopped out of bed and went straight to the gym to complete a solid hill workout. It was created by Jeanette Soloma from Crunch Fitness but I found it on CarrotsnCake’s blog! Click here to check it out.

I did the run setting and increased the speed by 0.5 mph. It claims to burn up to 450 calories walking and 550 calories running and I totally believe it. It was intense. Another change I did was inserting a 2 minute walk break at 29 minutes and cooling down at the end with a 4 minute jog at 6-5.5mph

It was SOLID!

This morning I opted to sleep in in exchange for a run tonight after work. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

Have a great week everyone…it’s MONDAY..

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