Healthy Breakfast Roundup

On the drive home from Three Pools, I was chatting with Michelle and Haley about healthy breakfast ideas and creativity in the kitchen. I told them that, before I read healthy living blogs, I was consumed by food blogs! I have ideas for days between printouts, cookbooks, and the constant innovation of bloggers. I also really like as a recipe search resource.

My goal for breakfast when I’m eating at home is to get around 15 grams of protein and have at least 1 serving of fruits or vegetables. The following is a list of some of my favorite healthy breakfasts to eat. A few contain recipes, a few are just general ideas!

  • Smoothies with 1 C of Greek yogurt and/or protein powder. Definitely include a couple handfuls of spinach.
  • Warm oatmeal with a teaspoon of brown sugar. For added protein, you can cook an egg white on the side!
  • Egg white or whole egg combo omelet with whatever leftovers you have in your fridge.
  • Greek yogurt with fruit and a drizzle of honey.
  • Cottage cheese with fruit.
  • Toaster waffles (whole wheat, preferably) with Greek yogurt and berries.
  • Overnight Oats

Protein packed and tasty!

Check these out the next time you are strapped for breakfast (or dinner) ideas!
Since I did not workout yesterday morning, I gave myself a shove out the door last night. Thankfully, Jake was out of the house at 7th grade football practice making it easier to leave. I originally planned to do a walking incline workout with some intervals while listening to my workout playlist but, when I got to the gym, I saw that Bachelor Pad was on tv. I have only seen this show one other time and would rather watch a marathon of Giada at Home while on the treadmill but I figured it would be a good distraction during my workout. Sure enough, I ended up doing a running incline workout (with some walking breaks) for 50+ minutes! I accidentally pulled the STOP button off the treadmill so I lost the data from the first part of my workout. OOPS.
Once again, I could NOT wake up this morning so I’ll be subjected to another evening workout. Today I will cross train on the bike and elliptical with a short run and tomorrow will be the last run before H2C!!
Tomorrow I’ll tell you guys about another easy weeknight dinner as well as a food experiment! YUM.

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