Dinner, Dessert and Breakfast, OH MY!

Last night I had the pleasure of showing our new place to 3 of my closest girl friends. Two of them are conveniently interior designers and the third is self-learned in the art. While our purpose in meeting was not to redecorate my place, it was an afterthought that gave us some much needed help!

Lisa, Nicole, and Lindsey (the girls behind one of my J.Crew birthday gift cards) came over for dinner to discuss meeting weekly to grow closer to God together. We all lived in the same apartment at one time or another: Nicole moved in when Lindsey moved out to get married, I moved in when Kelsey moved out of town, Allison moved in when I moved out to get married, etc. That apartment used to be somewhat of a hub. I met Jake there before I became a roommate, we had many many BBQs, watched football games, planned weddings, had pool days…it was a blast and many of our friends feel a sense of nostalgia when we think about that apartment.

Al, Jaime, Linds, Nicole, me, Amanda, Cayly, Lees, Care

Our spiritual journey together really grew when we were in the same discipleship group with Jan. That season has now come to a close and it only makes sense for us to continue to be in community with one another! I am excited to share more about our time as we meet regularly and especially about our grand plan to coordinate a women’s event quarterly. We have so many wonderful women we call friends and we are thrilled to do something missional as a larger group. Can’t wait ’til our first event!

Ice Skating 2 Years Ago - me, Nicole, Linds

For dinner we ate some elk steak fajitas. It was the last of my elk meat and I couldn’t be more depressed! I need to turn Jake into a hunter! It was time for dessert and Lisa asked the most critical question of the night: “Do you have Nutella?” DO I EVER! I pulled out the jar and we hurriedly made some Nutella quesadillas using my favorite tortillas. I buy the Tortilla Land Uncooked Flour Tortillas from Costco and they are so delicious I can eat them plain, let alone stuffed with Nutella and powdered sugar!

The girls requested no pictures and my lighting was really bad so I decided to recycle some old ones that are fun to look back on anyway!!

One more eat then I’m off for a walk with the kiddos! I ran out the door this morning without eating breakfast (it’s been a rough week for early wakeups!). Usually when this happens I have to eat a snack for later in the day at breakfast which throws my whole eating routine off. This morning I stopped at the hotel continental (they don’t even have cereal there) to get some coffee and saw a banana and chocolate muffin. I keep an emergency stash of Old Fashioned Oatmeal in my bag and I remembered a couple bloggers who have mixed baked goods into their oatmeal, most recently was Courtney from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life. I cooked up some oatmeal then topped it with a chocolate muffin top and a banana. It was SOOO good. Possibly my favorite breakfast all week!


Totally an iPhone photo above, you caught me! Have a wonderful day! H2C is TOMORROW. AHHHHH!

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