First leg down, 2 to go!!


Leg: 4
Miles: 7.18
Hour: 12-1pm
Temp: 78ish with headwinds
Time: 59:25
Pace: 8:30s!!!!
Hills: 1 one mile hill at mile 5.5 ugh
Blisters: 1
Thumbs up: 14
Stops: 0 baby
Roadkill: 18
Passed by: 1 😦
Jumping photos: 1
Jumps: 2 (for the fans)
Mid-run water bottle showers: 3
Favorite part: the lady who sprayed me with her hose at mile 2
Odds I’ll do this again: 1000:1 (that’s high right?)
Other stats: longest run in over 2 years

Time to rest, stretch and refuel!

3 responses

  1. Run, Fawn, Run!!

    I don’t know if you’ll remember me from OSU, but I lived at Charis and my husband Craig lived at Antioch. Anyway, I just popped over to your blog after seeing a recipe linked to it from Becca Hardesty’s blog and I just spent and inordinate amount of time perusing your pages. You’ve got some great recipes and I’ve enjoyed reading a bit about your life with your husband and pup :). I’m going to enjoy keeping up with your posts!

    • Of course I remember you! I actually popped over to YOUR blog a few days ago and saw that you and Craig are expecting a little one! Congratulations!! Excited to keep up with you via blogland 🙂

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