Second Leg

Well I would have published a little something yesterday but, once again, the hotel internet refused to work. Then after I got home, I was still in zombie mode recovering from the weekend. Namely the fact that we slept ONE HOUR total on Friday night!

Now for the details….

Update on Leg 4…

1. I actually ran 8:27s..sweet.

2. I took this amazing picture from the start at Timberline Lodge

Second Leg….

Leg: 16
Miles: 4.1
Hour: 10:30-11pm
Temp: 72ish with negligible winds
Time: 35:07 with a 30 second stop light at the very end
Pace: 8:34s including stop light, 8:27s if you don’t (which I don’t..heh heh)
Hills: Nothing exciting
Blisters: 0
Thumbs up: 37
Stops: 0 baby
Roadkill: 15 – I thought I was only gonna have 5 by the looks of the first mile and then I started killin fools.
Passed by: 1-2?
Favorite parts:

This guy honking at me around mile 2

Then seeing him and Henry at the finish!

The guy at the start telling me it was amazing how much energy I had (thank you Clif Shot Blocks with caffeine! seriously).

The older dude around mile 3 telling me I looked strong (gave me the extra push I needed to STAY strong).

Other notes: After the light allowed us to cross, I went into a 70% effort sprint. There were 4 people at the crosswalk by the time it finally turned green, we only had a block to go, and there was no way I was letting those people pass me!

Headphones were strictly forbidden on the course but I had my iPhone on speaker with my running playlist going so I could keep up a pace.

Between my second and third leg…

  • I cowbelled every runner in our van and came to the finish to cheer them on
  • We drove for an hour+ to Mist, a town we blinked and missed . Funny. What was neat is the town actually had this light fog throughout the early morning. Very peaceful.
  • We slept 1 hour and 15 minutes. The guys outside in their sleeping bags, the girls inside the van anyway they could get comfortable.
  • I woke everyone up and couldn’t tell if I was laughing or crying – looking back, I’m pretty sure it was the latter.
  • My left hip flexor started feeling tight.
There’s so much to say about this race but I must push the rest to another post! I hope you all have a good week!!

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