The Last Post on H2C 2011

I am really sorry for inconsistent posting! I need to get back in a rhythm with all these changes happening. I especially need to get some easily accessible internet access while I’m with the kids! I couldn’t do anything yesterday during their 3 hour nap because we don’t have a router yet at the new house…oops.
Third Leg…

Leg: 28
Miles: 4.2
Hour: 8:30-9am
Temp: 67? with negligible winds
Time: 35:52
Pace: 8:32s – Wait, what?! I thought for sure I was running 10 minute miles because of the mild hillyness and the incapacity of my hip flexor. When I got my time at the end I thought I had run 8:45s cause I was too tired to do the accurate math. It was a big mental game to keep my pace up on the hills but WHAT?! 8:32 minutes/mile. That’s awesome. The human body is incredible.
Blisters: 0 – although I just realized that leg one also bruised the toenail by my blister which rarely happens. Good thing wedding season is almost over!
Thumbs up: 862
Stops: 0 baby
Roadkill: 8.5 – At the very end I started sprinting to pass #9 but then he started racing me! I look over thinking he’s middle aged only to realize he was probably 70+ years old. Uhhh…he beat me.
Passed by: 1-2?
Favorite parts:

My first roadkill at the very start who yelled “Roadkill!!” Then made the sound of a shotgun cocking and shooting her. Ha. She was the only roadkill I counted out loud since she was such a good sport.

The old guy at the end who smoked me.

Running the last mile with Ivan who had to catch his transfer.

COWBELL!! Our van started jingling the cowbell as soon as we saw our runner so they knew it was us cheering them on. You can’t help but smile when you hear that.

My van passing me then catching up to it cause traffic was so bad. Allie leaned out the van and said “Juliet?!?!?” Crap. Sorry Ivan, we still have a mile til the transfer!!



I got home on Saturday night and could barely lift my left leg up stairs or even into my car. I thought I was going to be a hurtin’ cowgirl for a few days only to wake up Sunday morning with no pain (No pain, no pain.). My quads were only a little tired but nothing out of the ordinary…Isn’t it amazing what some SLEEP can do for your muscle recovery? Geez louise.

This race was my favorite by far. I’ve done the Shamrock Challenge (15k), Cinco de Mayo (10k), Bridge to Brews (10k) and I think one other in Portland. Weather makes a big difference but also varied scenery. I have been strongly considering a half marathon coming up in October but it’s essentially the Shamrock run backwards plus part of the Bridge to Brews..Yet to be determined, I’ll keep you posted!

We are gathering team members for next year, including my dear friend Nicole who is far from calling herself a “runner”. She is excited to train for something and have a goal in mind. I really hope we get in!!! We have plans for some pretty sweet costumes.

Here is a link to photos taken by Toto, a really cool guy who ran in Van 2!

“Here are some photos from HTC2011. The goofy face team photo under the
Hawthorne Bridge is probably my favorite. Or maybe the Storm Trooper
emerging from the honey bucket.” ~ Toto

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