Home Tour

Kitchen. Obviously.


Living Room with double vaulted ceilings.


Dining. I LOVE our new dining table.

To the left is where our non existent patio is. Which leads to the next photo…

W/D AND grill in the downstairs bath, classy.

Upstairs loft, left side.

Our old patio furniture occupies this space well…this will one day be my home gym when I’m lucky enough to own a treadmill. This is another non-functional patio slider. The design was really well thought out I’m sure.

Upstairs loft, right side.

Creatively storing ski stuff, camp stuff, Yakima car box, bikes and Hudson.

Upstairs bath, left.

Upstairs bath, right.

Bedroom with room for a king!

Closet space with room for a queen 😉

Jake’s shirt is sticking out but I’m too lazy to take another picture. This is real life people.

Future gallery wall.

Looks like Huddy made it into another picture. You can find him in the bottom right corner of the mirror : ).

Remember when I told you we got all of this extra space for only $50 more per month? Amazing right? Our new place is perfect for right now and have found even Henry is happier here! He loves the extra space to run around or sleep, whatever he feels like at the time. We look forward to dinner parties and people coming over to watch football games. Already we have had friends over for dinner twice!

Have a wonderful sunny and HOT Sunday!

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