A Little Bit of Everything

I’ve been a little under the weather the past couple of days. We had some little kids over last Wednesday who passed their drippy noses onto the rest of us. It all started innocuously – I asked the same question I always do, “Are these…allergies?” But by Sunday night, there was no denying I had a cold. This seemed like a good enough reason to sleep in on Monday morning so I set my alarm for 6 o’clock. This would have been a night of 8 glorious hours of sleep if I hadn’t woken up at 3am then 4am and was wide awake but feeling less than stellar at 5am. The only upside to this cold is, so far, my runny nose hasn’t necessitated tiny rolls of tp to be stuffed up my nose while I sleep (to catch the drips, please tell me you do this too). One of many downsides is my miracle drug, Sudafed, doesn’t seem to be working quite as well as I remember…

In other news, I made up a solid treadmill workout when Jake and I hit the gym on Friday night before meeting up with friends falling asleep at 9:30 even after I took a long nap. It went like this:

Time                              Speed                           Incline

0-5                                 4.0                                5.0

5-6                                 8.0                                5.0 (Target Rate of Perceived Exertion = 7-9)

6-8                                 4.0                                3.0

8-9                                 8.5                                5.0

9-11                                4.0                                3.0

11-12                              9.0                                5.0

12-14                              4.0                                3.0

14-15                              8.5                                3.0  (I could feel my legs struggling with the incline at this point, not in a good way where it will make you stronger but a bad, I might get injured and it’s not worth it, sorta way.)

15-17                              4.0                                3.0

17-18                             9.0                                1.0

18-20                            4.0                                3.0

20-22                            8.5                                1.0

22-23                            4.0                                3.0

23-24:30                      9.0                                1.0

24:30-26                      4.0                                3.0

26-27                            9.5                                1.0

27-29                            4.0                                3.0

29-37                            7.5                                1.0

37-39                            7.0                                1.0

39-40                           6.5                                 1.0

40-45                           3.5                                 4.0


Then I finished up my workout with Perri Shake’s 15 minute flexibility builder on NTC. It involved a lot of hip-strengthening so I knew it would be a good addition to my treadmill workout.

Another Friday highlight was meeting Anna and Sara for a “mom walk” right around sunrise. We have had some stellar sunrises and sunsets do to some forest fires in the Cascades. I think everything is under control now and we get to reap the benefits of these gorgeous skies.

Thursday night sunset


Friday morning sunrise


Saturday, we watched some football and I got a short workout in. He had a 7th grade football game in the afternoon while I cruised to Salem for my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower (my oldest brother is getting married October 15th!!)

Mom, Cathy, me

Saturday night, Jake and I met up with friends Matt and Michelle for late night food and a walk along 23rd. Most of us wore jeans and that was a big mistake. The weather, although I’m not complaining, is finally cooling down.

Sunday we went to the 8am church service and got breakfast at Stepping Stone Cafe where Man vs. Food came a few years back. I think the competition involved him eating a gigantic omelet and some “man-cakes”.

That’s a lotta pancake. I ate half with half my omelet, Jake took some bites, then I ate the rest of it for dinner last night : ) perfect cure for a cold-induced suppressed appetite.

Huddy also got the chance to swim around Sauvie’s Island but the photos I took there aren’t good enough to share. Jake and I wore jeans again so we didn’t last long outside but we did squeeze in a little walk and some exercise time for Henry.

Last thing before I’m off to the races:

We’re going to Kauai : ). And we leave in exactly 2 weeks!!!

Happy Tuesday!