Yogurtland – A Tour of the US

Trying out the hotel internet again while the kids are napping…

After we finished dinner, Jake and I walked over to the NEW Yogurtland in Bridgeport Village.

When we were first dating, we went to a Yogurtland in NYC’s Greenwich Village where Jake stayed for 2 weeks while working in the city. Although Bjorn, Nicole, and I only there 4 nights, I’m pretty sure we went to Yogurtland 3 out of the 4 because it was that good. Our next Yogurtland stop was on our honeymoon in Maui. Finally, we have hit it up in our home state since we have the pleasure of such a delectable (and inexpensive) yogurt shop in the area. Next stop, Yogurtland Alaska? I can’t say there is a huge market for frozen yogurt up in AK but, if there is, I’ll let you know.

I always get tart as my main flavor with a side of something more rich. They had Red Velvet cake so I got a hit of that along with a generous helping of tart. The tart side was topped with mochi, pink Skittles (I picked out the pink), some pineapple and a frosted animal cookie. Jake went for more of a “suicide” approach and didn’t finish his concoction because his belly was too full. I was resourceful and tossed it in the freezer when we got home to finish it for an afternoon snack the next day : ).

Here’s what I wore for our date! Sorry for the poor lighting. I didn’t realize how distracting the lamp was when I called Jake in to be my photographer. Promise to shoot in a better room next time :).

Necklace – F21, Tank – J.Crew Outlet, Belt – F21, Skirt – J.Crew Outlet online, Shoes – Eric Michael from Nordstrom Rack (I love these shoes). I spilled some chocolate cake froyo on the inside of my skirt just above the belt, but you can’t see it so I’m pretending it’s not there.


Thursday night I made some elk meat loaf using this spicy turkey meatloaf recipe.

Finished product.

I mostly followed the recipe but left out the parsley, subbed hot sauce for Sriracha and sweet and spicy mustard for dry mustard cause I didn’t have any. I also didn’t measure anything but I think it was pretty close. Jake had invited Matt over while I was running an errand, I told him to start eating without me so when I got home I asked if the meatloaf was good. They responded with 2 enthusiastic thumbs up each and told me to look at the pan…which was nearly empty save for 2-3 pieces. Serves 8? Try 3..no leftovers. Recipes like these get me excited to make my own lasagna in the coming months!

I love to saute veggies

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the weekend involving some family visits as well as more eats!! What to look forward to: family photos, my hair in an ugly messy bun, homemade pizza and pizza sauce, JAM on Hawthorne, and other Portland area restaurants.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!! The weather is going to be beautiful in Portland!