Leftover Repeat

Monday night I made a super quick and easy dinner before Jake left for football practice. Total time was about 20 minutes, most of which was hands off as the chicken baked. He had happy hour with some coworkers last night so I did not cook (instead I ate 3 everything bagel thins and multiple mini bowls of Honey Bunches of Oats….healthy), which left him a leftover repeat today.

This Robert Rothschild Farm sauce is soooo amazing. The suggested use is to top fish but Jake doesn’t like fish – chicken it is! I actually poured a little bit on a tortilla chip or two as well..mmm. Don’t mind the fact that the first ingredient is sugar. At least it’s not HFCS, right? 🙂

I turned the oven on to 350 and got the quinoa cooking. Sprayed some foil with cooking spray then Jake grounded pepper onto each side of the chicken breasts. In the oven they went for about 15 minutes then I placed the quinoa and chicken in a bowl topped with a generous pour of the mango habanero sauce. Super easy and no-fuss. Where are the veggies, you ask? Well….all I had was spinach and kale which brings me to the next food-related item:


Have you ever tried these?

I got the recipe from Gwyneth’s cookbook. It is super easy and they are a great alternative to regular chips for a crunchy salty snack. You can even flavor them howsoever you like! I saw some at New Seasons seasoned with curry and chili-lime. The chili-lime sounded good to me!

The kale chips bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes. All you have to do is toss them with olive and a little salt. Use less salt than you’d think, a tiny bit really brings out the flavor. I haven’t quite figured out how to store these. Someone suggested storing them in a glass container, I tried a closed tupperware and they got soft. The best I’ve found is leaving them on the baking sheet uncovered but Jake isn’t a fan of that. Hmm…

Another caution is the SMELL. Kale is sorta…smelly. So don’t invite house guests over after making a batch of these babies : ).

Finally, I will leave you with this photo:

Jake spent some time on Saturday working on the above photo for your enjoyment! This is about how I’ve been feeling when my alarm goes off in the morning: so tired you don’t even care you are being pestered. Jake comes home from football practice pretty late and needs time to wind down which means I’ve been going to bed farrrrr too late. This new schedule is definitely not working for me… I think it’s time to try some sleepy time tea and a tried and true method: falling asleep to Arrested Development.