The Week in Photos

Monterey Pasta Company’s Summer Vegetable Ravioli from Costco! I made this for our lunches on Monday since I did not cook dinner on Sunday night. These are so good I ate them plain out of the package : ). (Tangent: I just realized Monterey owns Emerald Valley Kitchen – the best salsa ever that I’ve been buying exclusively for around 10 years.) The ravioli is filled with roma tomatoes, summer squash, and some other delightful summer veggies. I topped these with my homemade pizza sauce from a couple weeks ago (don’t worry, it was in the freezer) and threw in some spinach and cherry tomatoes to round out the meal.

It looks like someone else found a completely inappropriate use for this Target shopping cart.

My breakfast cookie trial. Tasty but, believe it or not, too chocolatey! I had to eat this with a big glass of milk.

My new favorite snack! Greek yogurt and apple slices while blogging :). This day was a pink lady apple plus honey Chobani. This morning I had a pink lady apple with pomegranate Chobani..interesting but tasty combo.

The view from my 3 mile walk/jog with the kids yesterday. This path was so peaceful and smelled like blackberries the entire way!

I’m off to Hood to Coast now. It will be a long hot 24 hours and will be so ready for a good night’s rest on Saturday after another summer wedding!